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Golf Balls and Gas Wells at Dallas Park

August 4, 2011

We thought that last year, the City of Dallas had put a stop to all drilling requests, SUP’s, applications, and the like until the Dallas Gas Drilling Task Force completed their work. They in turn are to make extensive recommendations to the Dallas City Council so that the Dallas Gas and Gas Pipeline Ordinance can be rewritten before anything application is considered.

So as we look at the agenda for next week’s city council meeting, we see on Agenda item #20, that the city wants to have a public input meeting on September 14th so that you can tell them how you feel about a pad site on the LB Houston Golf Course on Royal Lane at Luna Road in Northwest Dallas.

Obviously, whomever put this on the agenda, was not aware of the ‘hold’ that the city put on itself. We would like to know who put this on the agenda so that they can be properly educated on what is currently happening right under their noses.

We have the agenda item ready for you to view: CLICK HERE

The complete city council agenda is: HERE

On June 22, City Manager Mary Suhm gave Trinity East a huge gift by extending their lease by 30 more months for a total of 66 months. With friends like this in high places at Dallas City Hall, the gas industry should feel quite comfortable in waiting their turn to drill. Here is the resolution of extension: CLICK HERE

So show up next Wednesday at city hall and see for yourself what could be the future of a Dallas City Park, golf balls or gas wells.

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  1. August 4, 2011 2:49 pm

    At Arlington City Council last Tuesday night they unanmously approved drilling under 58 acres of parks and reaching the minerals by existing padsites in Mansfield… our silly citizens don’t realize the winds blow from the south and all that BTEX comes right to us. I bet those Mansfield residents don’t even know about this plan.

  2. October 30, 2011 7:51 am

    Kimbo wants us to buy energy from Mr Chavez, and our middle east friends when we don’t even have the money to do so. Thank the likes of her for the coming 6 dollar gasoline
    I wonder how her extended family makes money and their political posture?
    Fracking has been done safely for forty plus years. It takes place far beneath the water table with protected sleeves

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