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Dallas environmentalists bring out the big guns for August 30th

August 24, 2011

Never underestimate the power of home based concerned citizens. After the embarrassing and dismal presentation by the gas industry at City Hall on Tuesday, the next Dallas gas drilling task force public meeting on August 30th should read like a super star line up of experts. On Tuesday, the best people the gas industry could send were two public relations representatives(Chesapeake and BSEEC), one Dallas City Hall lobbyist(Dallas Cothrum), and a public relations representative from a company that has no current drilling aspirations in Dallas(Encana).  The Chesapeake representative who also brought along a chip that sat on his shoulder throughout the meeting, even told the Dallas Task Force that his company had bought a few old leases in the past, but had no plans to act on them due to the small amount and lackluster quality of the gas that may lie underneath Dallas.

Super star Dallas City Hall lobbyist Dallas Cothrum was so proud to show slides of how heavy industry sits side by side with neighbors throughout Dallas. Most of these locations are in the southern half of Dallas. One of the many sites featured in his slide presentation was the Gold Metal Recycling Plant. Dallas residents already know that story of contamination, so we will not go into the saga here. In a nutshell, Mr.Cothrum exhibited a great amount of hubris and a lack of knowledge about what is really good for our city with that slide presentation. We suggest he show the same slides to the Dallas City Council with a room full of residents from the districts of Caraway, Hill, Atkins, and Davis constituents in the audience. If it’s ever scheduled, bring your video cameras for that meeting. It will be a memorable event.

At the end of the meeting, Chairwoman Lois Finkelman asked all four speakers what ‘best practices’ that they would recommend to the task force to consider when making recommendations for the gas ordinance. The answer: INSERT CRICKET SOUND HERE. None of them had a response. Silence. The Encana rep. said something rather obtuse, that we cannot even remember. The others, slackjawed.

But on August 30th be prepared to be amazed at what you will learn This will be the meeting you will want to attend and we suggest that you get there early as the seating is limited to about 75 or less.

The speakers are:

Kathy Martin, PE: Environmental Consultant, Martin Environmental Services, Norman OK

Dr. Melanie Sattle: UTA Civil Engineer Professor

Judith Jordan: Colorado hydro geologist, attorney

Sharon Wilson: Texas Oil and Gas Accountability Project/Earthworks

Deborah Rogers: FW entrepeneur, former member Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Gary Hogan: North Central Texas Communities Alliance, FW Task Force member

See you there on Tuesday, August 30th at 2:00 p.m. in the briefing room on the 6th floor, Dallas City Hall.

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  1. August 24, 2011 3:40 pm

    Was Ed Ireland there and slackjawed? I never heard that he could be speechless but maybe being slackjawed makes you speechless. Great idea to show slides of industrial activity next to neighborhoods. Very creative. Really, what’s the problem with a little more carcinogenic activity in the school yard and neighborhood?? #monsterfail

  2. PeterK permalink
    August 30, 2011 1:06 pm

    I see where Ms. Martin is familiar with water pollution but what is her expertise with regards to oil and gas drilling?

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