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City of Dallas hears the truth, and it’s no BS about the Barnett Shale

September 4, 2011



Last week on August 23 at Dallas City Hall, the Dallas gas task force had a great opportunity to hear from a group of really smart people to talk about the many aspects of shale gas drilling in the BS(Barnett Shale)that had yet to be addressed.

You can now listen to the audio of that presentation by:CLICKING HERE

You can also see the great informative power points by clicking on the following links.

Dr. Melanie Sattler, civil engineer, professor: CLICK HERE

Kathy Martin, civil engineer: CLICK HERE

Deborah Rogers, Fort Worth resident, entrepreneur: CLICK HERE

Judith Jordan, hydro geologist: CLICK HERE

Sharon Wilson, Texas OGAP/Earthworks: CLICK HERE

Gary Hogan, Fort Worth resident, FW task force member, VP of NCTCA: CLICK HERE

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