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It’s scary as hell………………..

September 8, 2011

Is this the future of Grand Prairie and parts of Dallas? The Army Corps of Engineers seem to think so.

Chesapeake disagrees.

A big thanks to CBS11 for playing a two part story yesterday on the Joe Pool Dam situation. As the GP mayor said, ‘it’s scary as hell…’ We hear through sources that the City of Dallas was made aware of this back in the early part of 2011. Still the XTO proposed pad site sits just down the street of the dam and where drilling activity continues despite the Army Corps of Engineers to halt. As we were reported on this back in the early summer, the situation could mean a potential disaster if not properly addressed. The Army Corps is doing the right thing, the Grand Prairie mayor has the right attitude, but once again Chesapeake says that there is no problem.

The industry knows all about dam construction? They know better?


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  1. leah permalink
    November 2, 2011 9:38 pm

    They are psyco. You’ve heard of people who bring in dangerous wild animals. They have this same mentality, only they have all their teeth, most likely, and are better dressed.

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