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Dallas Mayor Rawlings chooses to invite “Lie of the Year’ winner

October 20, 2011


In today’s Dallas Morning News, City Hall reporter Rudy Bush reveals that during today’s city council retreat at the Dallas Arboretum, Mayor Mike Rawlings has a special guest. The man who made ‘spinning’ words (some may say lying) into an art form, Frank Luntz is being paid $15,000 to unlock the secrets of ‘Orwellian language’.

Last year, PolitiFact awarded Frank the dubious honor of “Lie of the Year”. Check it out HERE

Read the Dallas Morning News article HERE

What we find troubling is that Mike Rawlings professional history in the advertising world is long and one can see how he  would be intrigued by a man of Mr. Luntz’s talents. The ability to sell someone a product by spinning, repackaging, and even misdirecting is an art form that the advertising world has practiced for hundreds of years. At the moment, the world in general has enough problems of turmoil, and angst that has spread to all parts of our planet. Dallas has it’s own share of problems when it comes to spinning, or the perception that something is not what it seems.

Under current circumstances, with unresolved issues such as the McCommas landfill issue, the gas drilling issue, the redistricting issue, and OccupyDallas, it is not in the city’s best interest to have a paid speaker like Mr. Luntz instructing the council. Even more troubling, his fee is being split between the city and a private donor. As the CEO of an advertising firm, Mike Rawlings should have a private ‘one on one’ with Mr. Luntz to compare notes on ‘selling a product’. As the mayor of Dallas, Mayor Mike Rawlings should really think twice before presenting Mr. Luntz’s talents to the city council at a retreat.

So when concerned citizen’s descend on City Hall to voice their frustrations with our local government, one can see a look of annoyance on the faces of the council, the mayor, and the city manager. Some of these folks look upon the Occupy Dallas citizens or the Hispanic activists with disdain. The look of ‘not again’ or ‘how dare they’ is written all over the place. The answers of ‘we hear you’ or ‘we’ll get back to you’ or ‘we’ll look into it’ only compound the problem. The mayor CHOSE to force the redistricting map on the council for a vote, the city manager CHOSE not to pick up the trash last week at OccupyDallas, the city council CHOSE to pursue gas drilling without city input and under the radar, and the city CHOSE to pursue the McCommas landfill project.  And now, the mayor has CHOSEN to pay this ‘lie of the year’ winner to speak at a city council retreat in conjunction with a private donor.

In whose best interest is this being done? The mayor can spin all he wants on this issue, but he has made a huge mistake. It’s a perception problem. No, it’s a spinning problem. Now let’s see how he tries to spin this into something it isn’t.

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  1. October 20, 2011 12:56 pm

    Oh, the tangled web. Wonder who paid the other $15,000? And how in the world is Orwellian spin “positive”??? Good Grief!! If they wanted a speaker to talk about ethically framing issues they should have invited George Lakoff:

    Tell the truth about The Public, that nobody makes it purely on their own without The Public, that is, without public infrastructure, the justice system, health, education, scientific research, protections of all sorts, public lands, transportation, resources, art and culture, trade policies, safety nets, … That is a truth to be told day after day. It is an idea that must take hold in public discourse. It must go beyond what I and others have written about it and beyond what Elizabeth Warren has said in her famous video. The Public is not opposed to The Private. The Public is what makes The Private possible. And it is what makes freedom possible. Wall Street exists only through public support. It has a moral obligation to direct itself to public needs.

  2. Mary permalink
    October 21, 2011 9:38 am

    This illustrates a problem with electing “business leaders” to public office. They don’t get it. They think you should run government the way you run a financially successful business. Government should be run by the people for the enhancement of health, welfare, and quality of life.

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