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Jim Moroney’s Dallas News supports the gas industry. Get over it.

November 7, 2011

In today’s Dallas News run by Jim Moroney, the editorial board chose to reprint an editorial by the New York Times/ David Brooks entitled “The Shale Gas Revolution”. This ran in the NY Times on November 3rd. The paper chose to change the title to a more suitable text that would be welcomed by those who have influence with the paper such as T. Boone Pickens, Trevor Rees Jones, the Perots, Rick Perry, and others. See the picture?

To read the original aritcle, CLICK HERE. Whether you agree with Brooks opinion or not, it is a well written endorsement of the shale gas industry, including mis information supplied by the industry. There are other key words or phrases of note. Here are some excerpts in red…….

The U.S. now seems to possess a 100-year supply of natural gas, which is the cleanest of the fossil fuels. This cleaner, cheaper energy source is already replacing dirtier coal-fired plants. It could serve as the ideal bridge, Amy Jaffe of Rice University says, until renewable sources like wind and solar mature. It’s not clean. It’s one of the big reasons our ozone is a big problem. Getting the gas is as dirty as coal mining and burning.

Already shale gas has produced more than half a million new jobs, not only in traditional areas like Texas but also in economically wounded places like western Pennsylvania and, soon, Ohio. If current trends continue, there are hundreds of thousands of new jobs to come. Can you back up that number of new jobs?     No, you can’t.

All of this is tremendously good news, but, of course, nothing is that simple. The U.S. is polarized between “drill, baby, drill” conservatives, who seem suspicious of most regulation, and some environmentalists, who seem to regard fossil fuels as morally corrupt and imagine we can switch to wind and solar overnight.     We don’t think you can switch overnight. But if you threw as much money into those two particular industries, it would happen sooner than later.

Like every energy source, fracking has its dangers. The process involves injecting large amounts of water and chemicals deep underground. If done right, this should not contaminate freshwater supplies, but rogue companies have screwed up and there have been instances of contamination. They DON”T do right because they are not enforced to do right by the Federal, State and local Governments.

These problems are real, but not insurmountable. An exhaustive study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology concluded, “With 20,000 shale wells drilled in the last 10 years, the environmental record of shale-gas development is for the most part a good one.” In other words, the inherent risks can be managed if there is a reasonable regulatory regime, and if the general public has a balanced and realistic sense of the costs and benefits.                        So, what they are saying to the public is that ‘accidents happen’ for whatever reason and you may have to up and move overnight due to contamination. That’s the cost of doing business, sorry for your loss.

A few weeks ago, I sat around with John Rowe, one of the most trusted people in the energy business, and listened to him talk enthusiastically about this windfall. He has no vested interest in this; indeed, his company might be hurt. You really want us to have sympathy for John Rowe in the energy business? Really?

It is a complete shame that the Dallas News who always prides itself on being ‘balanced’ in their approach to controversial topics chose to retitle this editorial as they did. The original title was a correct title based on the content of the piece. But now, The Dallas News has chosen to retitle the piece. To read it, CLICK HERE

When The Dallas News saw the word, ‘blessing’, down here in the Bible belt, that was an open invitation for the paper to accept.  They could have even printed BOTH Paul Krugman and David Brook’s work side by side in their original form. The choice that was made not only to reprint this piece and change the title to a pro industry approach is regrettable. The Dallas News also chose not to reprint Paul Krugman’s piece on solar energy. To read it, CLICK HERE

To try and cover the tracks of a big mistake is obvious on Jim’s paper. One can see that now that the online version title has been changed. But, it’s too late. The gas well has spewed it’s ugly filth and there it is in black and white in The Dallas Morning News. Shame on the paper. Shame on the person who chose to do this. Shame on the higher ups for approving it.

Jim Moroney’s paper could have done better. But he and they chose not to do better.

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  1. November 7, 2011 2:17 pm

    I would invite David Brooks-Jim Moroney, Rick Perry, T Boone and the Gang, Energy In Depth, and all the other gasholes to come spend a week at my place-or any of a hundred others in the area-and see if they’re still running their mouths about how fracking great this all is. I would, however, agree, agree that it is a blessing-to a painful few, at the great expense of the many. And, I’ll bet even fewer of the ‘blessed’ actually live with what they’ve signed the rest of us up for.

  2. Mountain Creek permalink
    November 7, 2011 2:45 pm

    This is why we no longer subscribe to DMN. It’s shameful to call fracking a “blessing”. If it’s a blessing, then you can have it in your backyard … and 300 feet from your bedroom window.

  3. laura permalink
    November 8, 2011 12:21 am

    Oh no, not Mountain Creek too. NO NO NO. Ban this crap

  4. terry permalink
    November 8, 2011 12:24 am

    Breath baby breath!

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