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Come and get it: 20-80 Million gallons of Dallas water for sale to drillers

November 16, 2011


As of today, November 16, 2011 the Dallas City Council will vote to confirm that the City of Dallas should go to Stage 1 water restrictions beginning on December 12, 2011. For the past several months only the Dallas area has been without any water restrictions in the entire State of Texas. The severe drought has engulfed the state, but up to this point, Dallas has been blessed with unlimited amount of water. We’ve been told by the city manager’s office that is due to the excellent management tactics that has been used to properly insure that everyone in Dallas has enough water.

In fact, on September 20th Dallas Water Utilities representative Jody Puckett gave a presentation to the Dallas Gas Drilling Task Force showing the status of Dallas water. For the past five years, the City of Dallas has been selling raw untreated water to area gas drillers from Lake Lewisville and Lake Grapevine. Both of these lakes are the main sources for Dallas area water customers. Currently the City of Dallas will sell any driller between 20 and 80 million gallons of raw untreated water from their water sources. You can see below on page 13 of the power point presentation. Here is the audio of the September 20th meeting: CLICK HERE

It is assumed that all water before treatment for consumer use is considered ‘raw’ or ‘untreated’. Given that, we would like to understand how the water sold from Lake Grapevine, Lewisville, or Ray Roberts to area drillers does not affect our drinking water source from the same lake.

You will also see on page 10 of the City of Dallas Water Utilities power point the following quote:The business of gas drilling has been viewed as another industrial use similar to construction or manufacturing

The City of Dallas continues to live in fog of another dimension. To some, gas drilling is viewed as just another industry similar to construction or manufacturing. Those who believe this include both the gas industry and those who support their practices. The water that is used in gas drilling is permanently prevented from going back into the hydrological cycle. You can’t drink it, you cannot shower in it, you cannot water your lawn, your cannot give it to your pet. You will see in the power point that currently, the gas industry pays the same price for the water as those ‘industries’ that not only use millions of gallons of water but also recycle that same water into the hydrological cycle. Texas Industries for example uses millions of gallons of water on a weekly basis. That same water goes back into the hydrological cycle.

The City of Dallas can conserve water and they can pray for rain all day long as recommended by The Dallas News. But not until the City of Dallas does some serious reexamination as to where we as a city stand as a water consumer and as a supplier to the gas drilling industry, can we be assured that there is enough water for Dallas citizens first.

JUST NOW: Watching City of Dallas council meeting online. Water spokesperson has been repeatedly asked about water and gas drilling related issues. She has no answer. Embarassing.

Herman Cain like responses. Sad. City Manager squirms in her seat.

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  1. November 16, 2011 2:21 pm

    Why does Dallas continue to use out-of-date information? The water use from drilling and fracking needs to be separated out from all water use. The large amounts required need their own category (and do receive their own category in other Barnett Shale municipalities). I think maybe since there is no current activity in Dallas (that we know of) they are still thinking like it’s 2005.

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