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Local Fracking Chemical Fire Effects Still Exist

November 22, 2011




Since October 3rd when the Magnablend factory exploded in Waxahachie, information about what was in the building and the effects on the environment have been slowly coming out. Unfortunately, the side effects are still being felt by local residents. Plans are under way to attempt to treat the contaminated water that flowed off  of the site and return it to the city sewer system. No one has said what effect this will have on the local environment for years to come.

WFAA’s  reporter Brett Shipp has filed a report that you need to see.

To see the story by WFAA: CLICK HERE

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  1. Karen Scribner permalink
    November 22, 2011 11:24 pm

    Don’t you believe it…..the treated water will still be poisonous. They cannot test water for everything and this will be in put back into your water faucet for you to cook with, drink and shower in.

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