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Perryman pimps for Dallas City Hall

December 6, 2011

Yesterday, at Dallas City Hall’s Economic Development Committee, chaired by Dallas city council member, Jerry Allen met to discuss the current overall economic health of Dallas and the path forward. As you can see in the power point below, the report tells us that our city is sick but has the potential to get better.

Since Dallas is run on two economic engines: shopping and property taxes, neither can afford to slip at any point. Well, both have slipped in recent times and to top it off, multi-family housing(apartments) are rising at nonstop rates. So as far as property taxes are concerned, they’re not moving very much and if they do, it’s generally down. Why? Schools. People are leaving and people don’t want to move here because of one giant ‘elephant in the living room’…..schools.

No where in this power point do we see anything mentioned about the biggest economic engine in town,the Dallas Independent School District. We hear that the schools were discussed at the meeting, but not shown in this power point. But what did make the report came at the end as an appendix from The Perryman Group. The Perryman Group did a study and like most of what they do, if you pay them enough you can get whatever you want them to say. That would be ‘whorish behavior’ to some people.

The Perryman Group Study tells us that many towns and cities in North Texas have buckets of money and that Dallas is the idiot for not allowing gas drilling in the city. Perryman filed a major report last year when those who were in support of Dallas going ‘wet’ paid Perryman to tell everyone that Dallas would reap MILLIONS if Dallas were to get wet. After the vote both Perryman and Dallas got wet alright. Perryman got wet with cash. We’re glad that Dallas went ‘wet’, but most likely we are not reaping MILLIONS in extra cash because of it.

The current report about shale gas says that we are missing out on partaking of the $11 billion revenue that others are sharing.  It says that 25 Texas counties are reaping the benefits of the boom while Dallas pretty much is a lame player. It makes no mention of environmental facts, or any other cost hazards to the city.

It’s all very pro shale gas drilling. It’s all very pimpish. It’s Perryman, why should we expect anything less?

Check it below at the very end of the report.

View this document on Scribd

So as you can see when Dallas council member Jerry Allen tacked that Perryman Group Study onto the economic report, it was intended to send a signal to others. Jerry Allen wants Dallas to get on the shale gas train. After all, as a stockholder in the oil and gas industry why we expect anything less?

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  1. December 6, 2011 8:05 pm

    They talk a lot about economic bubbles in that report. Like shale gas is not?

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