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Dallas Park Board Chief Votes With the Gas Industry: Enemy of the Environment

December 8, 2011

As a member of the Dallas Gas Drilling Task Force, one would think that the Dallas Park Board President would be the head ‘tree hugger’ and ‘environmentalist extraordinaire’ but in this particular instance, that did not happen on Tuesday. Read more about Tuesday’s meeting by CLICKING HERE

Joan Walne, Dallas Park Board President decided to vote with the gas industry when the topic of injection wells came up on the task force agenda. The decision was whether to allow them on the pad site or not, thereby requiring the gas industry to truck the contaminated water to injection well sites outside of Dallas.

The vote ended up rejecting the allowance of injection wells on the pad site in Dallas. Chairwoman Lois Finkelman sided with the no vote. Hooray for Lois! Joan Walne voted in favor of the injection wells along with the gas industry solidifying her relationship with them. An appointee of 2/3 term former mayor Tom Leppert, Walne continues to sit on the task force with a sphinx like demeanor hiding her opinion on all issues until the final moments of a vote.

Industry has admitted to the Dallas Task Force that the process of injecting the contaminated water most likely does cause the seismic activity in areas such as Cleburne, Texas. But they added if the earthquakes get too numerous and strong, they merely hold of on the injecting to allow the earth to settle before restarting the process. Industry has stated that they too are concerned about the amount of truck traffic that is required to transport the contaminated water off site, which only adds to more air pollution to North Texas. It is said that one shipment of delivering to the pad site or removing the water from the pad site amounts to about 450 truck trips.

WFAA just did a story of another earthquake felt in Cleburne, Texas just yesterday: CLICK HERE

So with this vote, we now know how Joan Walne feels about shale gas drilling in the City of Dallas. With the thousands of acres being leased to the gas industry, many are located in nature/preserve like and Dallas Parks property. It’s too bad that the Dallas Park Board President is willing to sell out to the gas industry. Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings would do The City of Dallas a great favor by removing Joan Walne from her position as Park Board President. Should he decide not to do it, then his failure to take notice, allows one to wonder just how concerned Mayor Mike is about the future of Dallas and it’s residents.

Joan Walne is a friend of the shale gas industry and a enemy of the environment.

Shame on her.

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  1. December 8, 2011 12:22 pm

    Even Chris Hawes (at the link to the Cleburne, TX earthquake story) refers to the injection wells, as “saltwater injection wells.” Oh, my. Oh, and the dilemma is this: If any City makes the decision to drill and frack inside the city limits, then what to do with all the toxic produced water that must be disposed of? Keep it since it’s our mess? Or send it to another “unknown” community for them to suffer with? That is something that really needs to be addressed in the Gas Drilling Ordinance. Otherwise, we’re saying it doesn’t matter just so long as they “dump” it somewhere else. Fly me to the moon, maybe?? {{Shale Gas Nightmares}}

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