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Mayor Mike’s Christmas Carol

December 13, 2011

On this Christmas holiday, one may take a moment to count one’s blessings, review the current year and look forward to the new year on it’s rapid approach. In the new year, the Dallas City Council will be handed a stack of recommendations from the gas drilling task force.

Members of the council and the mayor himself will be expected to read, listen, and study the issue with an open mind and heart as to the many angles in which the City of Dallas finds itself. Before Mayor Mike begins this process, we would ask that he look deep within and ask if he is capable of making sound decisions and can exhibit unbiased leadership in this endeavor.

We ask this because Mayor Mike has stock ownership, is a partner with, or has a business interests  from revenue generators in the oil and gas industry.



CIC ENERGY-Interests in Business Entities, Receives income from royalties, interests,dividends

CIC PARTNERS LP- Managing Partner

DALE DRILLING- Interests in Business

SUMMER CREEK ENERGY- Interests in Business



Should a mayor with these haunting weights be involved with the formation of a gas drilling ordinance?

Will the mayor stick with his promise… “I will never put any neighborhoods at risks because of money”? If he chooses, the mayor could help create an ordinance that is as weak as the one that currently exists.  He could be a ‘scrooge’ and in the interests of the gas industry help create something that is too friendly for the industry and does not protect Dallas residents.

The mayor could choose the higher road and concentrate on crafting an ordinance that is the ‘gold standard’ for all cities that must deal with this issue around the country.  The stocks and the business interests could become a “Marley’s ghost’ that would haunt the mayor for years to come if he does not choose to create such a strong ordinance. Protecting Dallas residents and the Dallas environment should be his priority and something very special that would be his legacy going forward.

For his fellow man, this is no time to be a ‘scrooge’ and only look at the bottom line. It’s not an easy choice by any means, but like Ebeneezer Scrooge, by listening to his better angels he can make the right choices.

Only then when the ordinance is finalized, will we be able to say….

God bless us all and everyone in Dallas.


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