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Dallas News says we deserve cleaner air………

January 8, 2012


Helping us all breathe easier

2011 goal: Give Texans better air to breathe and reduce the state’s greenhouse gas emissions.

2011 progress: Minimal. Texas leaders continue to focus on fighting air-quality rules, rather than complying with them. The state has been trying to block multiple EPA pollution rules. Texas remains the only state refusing to issue greenhouse gas permits for power plants and other facilities.

The Legislature tackled only small-scale environmental initiatives in 2011. Meanwhile, North Texas registered higher ozone levels and more monitors exceeding federal standards last summer than any other place in the state.

2012 goal:

Urge local leaders to get organized and begin preliminary work on the area’s next plan to reduce pollution and meet federal standards.

The state is all too willing to develop a less-than-aggressive pollution plan that’s unlikely to bring us into compliance. But if North Texas launches a regional effort in 2012, local officials can take a hard look at our air-quality issues and lay the groundwork for a more proactive plan. The best way to combat the state’s do-little approach is for North Texas leaders to study the problem and propose their own pollution solutions.



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