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Gas Industry uses Dallas City Hall insiders Master Planners to cry foul

January 10, 2012

Master Plan head, Dallas Cothrums and minion, Mark Housewright who needed a job after he crashed and burned The Oak Cliff Tribune newspaper into closure, have written a letter to the Dallas Gas Drilling Task Force pleading the case for the gas industry. Take a look and you’ll see how the cry baby gas industry has decided that the path on which the task force has embarked is not to their approval. In brief, the gas industry wants to drill closer to your family, city parks, flood plains, and they don’t like being told ‘no’.

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Beginning today when the task force meets, it’s going to be interesting to see what actions are taken not only by the task force but also by the city council. You can bet that both Cothrums and Housewright have been skulking around the halls of city hall looking for some sympathy from those in power. We find it interesting that both men with deep ties to the city of Dallas would accept a job from an industry that chooses to do harm to both the residents, families, and environment of Dallas. Let’s see who at City Hall decides to be on the side of the gas industry and who chooses to be  on the side of Dallas residents, families, and the environment.

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