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got contaminated Milk?

January 14, 2012

Waxahachie, Texas is the home of the terrible fracking chemical plant explosion that occured late last year when the Magnablend  factory blew apart sending fracking contaminants far and wide. Since the explosion, residents have reported chronic illness and after affects. Scott Pendery, head of the plant has always been reluctant from the beginning to confess as to what was really in the plant before it exploded.

Waxhachie, home of gingerbread homes, bluebonnets, and good folks has been rocked by this ordeal of gas industry related mayhem and would like to go back to their lives as they knew it.

Fat chance.

Pendery’s attitude, like the rest of the gas industry is to say as little as possible and to only talk to the public infrequently and off camera. Nothing he has said has given comfort to the residents as many have sought treatment for some of the mysterious illnesses being reported.

There are reports that a class action law suit is being prepared by some of those affected against Magnablend in order to pay for damages to their lives.


WFAA has done an excellent job of reporting the aftermath. CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Now, that Magnablend has contaminated the land around the burnt out plant, and now that residents are reporting illness, the plant is considering a relocation to the old Super Colider site in Waxahachie. The problem is that the site is located next door to the Fri-Tex Dairy Farm.

Here is the aerial map showing the location

In order for the Scott Pendery, the head contaminator of Magnablend to relocate his factory of death to this new location, he must get permission to raise the weight limit on the road that would access the plant. By raising the weight limits on the road, then you can have the required trucks to transport the loads of chemicals and poisons that are needed to frack.

These pictures were taken on site at the dairy in Waxahachie

That approval process requires a meeting with the Ellis County Commissioners on Monday, January 23 at the Ellis County Commissioner offices.

If they raise the weight limit on the road it will because the Magnablend people have financially influenced those on the Ellis County Commissioners Court. Citizens have stated that if this occurs that citizens will organize efforts to have the commissioners removed from office via future elections.

January 23 will tell the future of Waxahachie and it’s residents. Gingerbread, milk, and chemicals anyone?

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  1. January 18, 2012 1:30 pm

    The following video includes a visual representation of the risks the community is faced with. We have also included exclusive audio from Magnablend’s CEO Scott Pendery when residents were pressing him for answers.


  1. Production of Fracking Chemicals: A Cautionary Tale | Slow Down Fracking in Athens County (SD-FRAC)

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