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Just Our Joan: The gas industry’s best friend at Dallas City Hall

February 24, 2012


We suspected bad news last year when defeated-gas industry-darling-city councilman Dave Neumann insisted that the Dallas Park Board President have a seat on the Dallas Gas Drilling Task Force. Sure, enough that president has voted ‘with’ the gas industry consistently during the term of the panel.

Poor Joan, she doesn’t see why it is wrong to allow drilling on Dallas Park land and now has given hints that she thinks it’s okay to install gas rigs in a flood plain. Definition of ‘flood plain’:

floodplain  (fldpln)

Flat land bordering a river and made up of alluvium (sand, silt, and clay) deposited during floods. When a river overflows, the floodplain is covered with water.
Let’s think about this complicated question. If you have a gas pad site in a flood plain and the flood plain is there to accept overflow from streams and rivers, then that pad site could be affected with that same runoff which will then flow into the streams and rivers. The main river source would be The Trinity River. Do you allow drilling in a flood plain? Does this have a precedent? Have environmental experts been consulted? Are you making a decision on good data and science?
Joan also doesn’t see how 1000 feet gas pad site setback with a 750 variance is a problem for anyone who lives, works or plays nearby. It’s all good for Joan.
So on Tuesday, February 28th at 1:30 pm in Dallas City Hall, our Joan will have one more opportunity to do the right thing and cast a vote of ‘no drilling in the flood plain’. The public is invited to attend this harrowing yet interesting final episode of what havoc could be installed in Dallas. If you thought that the Dallas Park Board President was the ‘head tree hugger’ and clean environmental czar, think again. Not this one.
We anxiously await her next move because based on her past industry favored comments and votes, that’s just our Joan.
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  1. R King permalink
    February 24, 2012 10:47 am

    I’m glad you’re talking about the floodplain aspect. This is the same reason it was a bad idea to pollute the Trinity river bottom with Industrial Ave. toxic industry for over fifty years.
    Lan near the river is low, saturated with water, and cheap-nobody wants to build or live there-so it’s perfect for dumping and poisonous industry, the thinking goes….
    But that land is also right beside valuable downtown and Kessler Park/Oak Cliff-not to mention the West Dallas area that we now envision as a desirable living/working “environment.”
    Former W Dallas toxic land was never remediated to a residential standard-and now – here comes drilling!
    I consider this environmental racism as well as stupid city planning.

  2. February 26, 2012 9:09 pm

    I was on 2 Gas Ordinance TF in Fort Worth and I presented last year to the Dallas Task Force. The most important part of my 10 minute presentation could be sumed up in my key statement to them ” Whatever you DO DO NOT USE Fort WOrth as an example of How to DO Gas Drilling in Dallas ” I knew that the Industry would infultrate the Dallas TF same as they did in Fort Worth. After 3 Ordinance changes we still do not have it right. 1,000 ft is the minimum that any city should allow. Draw it in hard with no waivers. The worst that can happen is Dallas is spared as much Gas drilling. FOLKS the money is just not there. Citizens in Fort Worth now contact me to say it really is just not worth the impact to neighborhoods for the few dollars residential property owners make. Property devaluation and the prospect of refused refinance or devalued resale is already occuring in Fort Worth. OH Do not ask Fort WorthCity Hall or any of the complicit City staff. They have their Industry banter down.We have seen more than a few leave the city and go to work for Big Gas. These are truely the years of Buyer’s Remorse ” Even the City of Fort Worth Parks Dept . says the big money they thought they’d get anually for park improvements and such and leases on city owned mineral interest have been far short of what was expected. Projections of over 1 billion in revenue are now expected less than half that and with slow down in the Barnett Shale , glut of natural gas on the market, it will be years before much can be expected to change. Natural Gas is at about $2.50 per TCF or BTU . They drill to establish perpetual lease hold then cap the wells or limit production to a minimum. They are simily trying to enhance production potentials and reserves to sell of to foreign investment. Yes in spite of American flag waving about AMerican Independence from Oil BIG GAS is selling out The Barnett reserves to foreign investment.
    To All Dallas decision makers Just Say No and watch Fort Worth suffer for it’s indisgressions. The Fort Worth Way is NOT the Way to DO this.

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