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A Lack of Transparency from the City of Dallas

April 18, 2012



More information continues to bubble up to the surface as we pursue the many threads that involve the area known as North Lake in far Northwestern Dallas County. Apparently, City Manager Mary Suhm has no qualms about ‘working this deal’ so that all the parties involved can make a buck while ignoring the bigger picture of shale gas drilling and Dallas residents. It appears that since 2007, the City Manager’s office has been in hot pursuit of bringing shale gas drilling into the City of Dallas at any costs.

Below we present the Dallas City Hall Tax Increment Financing deal that has been agreed upon between the city and the Bilingsley Company. Please take the time to look at the documents. You will see a great proposed multi use development that fails to include three very important words….FUTURE DRILLING SITE. You will also see that on the presentation day of these documents, both Billingsley and Chief Energy had their plans approved and solidified with Dallas City Hall. Very sad.


Sadly, those words were never printed on this program, never discussed at the ‘horseshoe’ and the public unaware, until now. How sad for all of us, the most important word of all, ‘transparency’, seems to be lacking within the confines of the City Managers office and beyond.

View this document on Scribd
View this document on Scribd
View this document on Scribd
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