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Dallas City Hall Map Bombshell:Trinity East to Drill the Trinity River Floodplain

May 8, 2012

Map provided by Dallas City Hall Staff

We join with Texas Campaign for the Environment in presenting a Dallas City Hall staff drawn map that now shows what land has been identified and leased to Trinity East Energy for shale gas exploration within the City of Dallas.
As you can see the black diagonal marks show that the Trinity River floodplains, parkland have been the focus of Trinity East Energy since 2008. We feel that this vast amount of floodplain and parkland should be considered for protected use and never made available for any type of seismic activity such as mineral exploration.

During the tenure of the Dallas Gas Drilling Task Force, both former Judge Margaret Keliher and current Dallas Park Board President Joan Walne joined with gas industry task force members in advocating the use of these highly sensitive areas for shale gas drilling. Both Keliher and Walne agreed in statements that in their current state, the floodplains and park lands that lie in the Trinity River vicinity lacked potential for anything else but gas drilling with proper management by the shale gas industry. We strongly disagree and are surprised at the lack of sensitivity to a very important part of the Dallas area environment. Under current Federal, State and local regulations, the Trinity River floodplains and park lands should never be compromised with seismic activity under any circumstances.

We feel that these and other task force members have yet to understand the very important uses of the Trinity River floodplain ecosystems, and have not yet read the comprehensive plan known as ‘forwarddallas’, of which Dallas City Hall co authored with wide spread citizen input and adopted in 2006. We ask that you remember that this map is for Trinity East Energy only and does not show the entire set of leases in the City of Dallas, nor does it show the XTO leases that begin at Interstate 30 and into Southwest Dallas.

We look forward to continuing the conversation with the Dallas City Council and all Dallas citizens in order to find ways of protecting our health and our environment.  After all, we all drink the same water, and we all breathe the same air.


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  1. R King permalink
    May 8, 2012 8:50 am

    Where will they get their millions of gallons of water for fracking? from the already polluted river? What about the forks to the river that are used in water supply? This is sad enough from an aestheic viewpoint-but then there’s the environmental and recreational aspects to add to the toxic mix, as well. And why are we always being tempted with the promise of a beautiful park in the flood plain area? Our city has no soul, no higher purposes….None.

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