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May 24, 2012

Texas Sharon, aka known as Sharon Wilson, single mom and blogger/hero who for the past several years has felt( at one point, she was)that she was the lone voice in the wilderness speaking about the horrors of shale gas drilling in Texas, has been recently targeted by Judge Trey Loftin and industry giant Range Resources led by CEO Matt Pitzarella.

Range Resources has recently called a truce with the EPA who was pursuing a case of water contamination by the industry on Steven Lipsky’s property  here in Texas. Now, Range Resources is going after Steven Lipsky saying that he tried to defame the industry giant by lying about  his water being contaminated due to drilling. Sharon Wilson was merely reporting the story between Lipsky and Range Resources. Range Resources apparently decided that they needed to teach a lesson to those who continue to educate the public on what is happening in the Barnett Shale and those they feel are out to defame them.

Judge Loftin who is desperately running for reelection, has sided  three times with Range Resources on other aspects of this case, so one has to assume that Judge Loftin and the industry enjoy each others company enough in order for both parties to pursue the files of the single mom, and home based blogger.

The judge thinks his gavel is the biggest one in town as he runs for reelection. Read here: BLOOMBERG

And now, we have misogynist Rush Limbaugh cheering the Judge on his fight against the EPA and hero to Range Resources.

Ms. Wilson who has always considered herself a mom, concerned citizen, and blogger in that order has been ordered by the judge to turn over all documents related to Range Resources by Friday, May 25, 2012. What little information Sharon has( and it’s not much) will be surrendered on that day.

 When you have an industry giant, a judge, and Rush Limbaugh going after citizens who dare to question industry practices that have potential harmful effects, this becomes a precedent setting situation.

The bottom line: Range Resources needs to drop their case, the Judge needs to recuse himself, and Limbaugh should back off. Male egos are out of control with this case the support of this judge, and the pursuit of a single mom, concerned citizen and blogger. It’s her environment too.

Everyone will be watching.

Read about Sharon’s case here:



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  1. Sarina permalink
    May 24, 2012 4:01 pm

    How can a “judge” be impartial in the lawsuit that is still under consideration in his court when he promotes endorsements from those who hate the EPA? Judge Trey Loftin should step down, immediately. If it’s true that we judge a person by the friends they keep and th endorsements they get…then this judge should not be making decisions. He is dangerous.

  2. WCGasette permalink
    May 24, 2012 4:06 pm

    It’s disgusting to see this kind of politics in our state. Rick Perry appointed this judge in January 2011. Rick Perry continues to be the really bad example of a politician with this appointments.

  3. Chuck Bayne permalink
    June 4, 2012 10:46 pm

    Judge Loftin was never voted into office by the citizens of Parker County. Governor Perry appointed him for his short tenure in office. Prior to being appointed judge, Loftin was a prosecutor in Tarrant County.

    Trey Loftin is an example of why prosecutors do not always make great judges. Tons of our tax dollars are spent to train prosecutors to look mean, convincingly say to a jury a man or woman is a criminal, and to aggressively prosecute people. But as we train these prosecutors they learn that in order to raise their salary each year they must keep a high prosecution conviction rate. Our current system does not train prosecutors to operate under the spirit of our judicial system. We train them to find ways to use the judicial system and the unlimited resources of our tax money to send people to prison and retain a high conviction rate. After his appointment, Judge Loftin never acted so much as a judge as he did a prosecutor in a judge’s robe.

    Our current system works. I believe there is not a better system in the world. But our current system gives the state a great advantage over any average citizen in a criminal case. Everyone agrees we need to put criminals in prison. But the system has its flaws and we train prosecutors to take full advantage of these flaws.

    Many innocent people have been sent to prison for twenty or thirty years only to be released when it was found out an aggressive prosecutor failed to make known exculpable evidence that might have shown their innocence. This is usually done by a prosecutor trying to keep their win loss ratio in tact. Today DNA evidence has freed many an innocent person from Texas Prisons. I am always amazed that even after a person’s innocence has been proven the prosecutor will almost always say he or she has no regret about sending an innocent person to prison. These same prosecutors have often gone on to become judges. After all, that is their career path.

    Judge Loftin ran for the office of Judicial District Judge in Parker County campaigning on what a fine job he had done as prosecutor in Tarrant County. When a Parker County citizen filed an open records request with the Tarrant County Prosecutors office asking about his work record, Judge Loftin filed a request with the Attorney General’s office to block any release of information about his work as a prosecutor. If his work product was as good as he claimed on the campaign trail, he had nothing to hide by allowing the citizens to see his employee file. Instead Judge Loftin complained that the citizen asking for the information had a hideous looking wife, had openly campaigned against him and should go to prison for even asking about his work history. (I found this hard to believe but I wrote the Texas Attorney General’s Office and obtained a copy of Trey Loftin’s letter.)

    Loftin’s refusal to open his records for public review leaves the appearance that he may have left his employment under circumstances less than perfect. Did Trey Loftin send an innocent person to prison in Tarrant County? Did he commit some other atrocity? Who knows, but his refusal to open his file for the citizens’ inspection only left rumors to abound.

    Judge Loftin campaigned that he and his spouse had prayed and given the judgeship position an enormous amount of thought. Trey Loftin told the voters he had made a great financial sacrifice to serve the citizens of Parker County. But when asked to show his income tax records to support his claims of sacrifice he refused. Why did you do that Trey? If you spoke the truth then your income tax records would have only boosted your trustworthiness with the voters. This would have been far better than leaving more rumors abounding about your honesty. And Trey if you had wanted to serve the people of Parker County for years, why did you apply for and obtain a Kansas law license soon after leaving the prosecutor’s office? That makes people wonder if you did not really want to serve the citizens of Kansas and not us in Parker County. Trey refused to address the issue.

    The person I want to thank is Rush Limbaugh. He provided the bullet that Trey Loftin finally used to shoot himself in the foot. After reading his unsolicited campaign literature I felt more empathy for my fellow Parker County citizen’s, Mr. and Mrs. Lipskey, than I felt like voting for Trey Loftin. I am sure that Mr. and Mrs. Lipskey know which defendant in their suit made a major monetary contribution to Trey Loftin’s campaign after his decision was issued. It is public record. You have to ask, was justice for sale in Parker County?

    Trey Loftin’s behavior towards people who tried to represent themselves in his court was atrocious. He would make speeches from the bench about how you have to go to law school and pass the State Bar Exam before you can come past the railing (bar) in his courtroom. If you check the record you will find it difficult to find even one pro se case that was successful. Even a simple adult adoption filed pro se by two elderly people wanting to adopt a youthful but adult loved one was denied. Trey Loftin told them they needed to come back with an attorney. It is all on the record. Adult adoptions were not meant to be complicated matters. In Louisiana adult adoption is a simple notarial act that costs $30.00.

    But I also want to thank our loved County Sherriff Larry Fowler. Can you believe Trey Loftin put out campaign literature claiming our Sheriff had endorsed him? When Trey was asked a simple yes or no question on the matter his answer heed and hawed. Did the Sheriff endorse Trey or not. The answer is simply “NO”.

    Trey Loftin leaves behind a long line of Parker County Citizens who lost total faith in him. He caused over 50% of Parker County voters to say, “Hit the Road Trey, and don’t you come back no more, no more, no more, no more, hit the road Trey and don’t you come back no more…”

    Chuck Bayne

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