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Shifting plates + 6 Earthquakes in 30 days and counting….

June 30, 2012

North Texas had another earthquake yesterday due to the injection well process in Johnson county. Since no one in State or local City governments really cares about this issue, we still feel that it is important to keep the residents informed.

Local residents have reported foundation damage but most do not have this particular item in their policies so it will be an out of pocket expense.

Notice that the Balcones Fault line comes right up into Duncanville, and Southwest Dallas/Mountain Creek area by Joe Pool Dam. That’s right under District 3 in the same area where shale gas drilling is proposed.

Below is the list of earthquakes in our area over the past 30 days.

Update: In May 2009, there were about 17 “minor” earthquakes in Irving.  The largest was 3.3M. During one of those “minor” earthquakes, the Boy Scout Museum sustained $100,000 in foundation damage.

“I thought, ‘Wow, an earthquake,’” said museum director Janice Babineaux.

People inside the museum at the time of the quake felt the ground shake.

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  1. June 30, 2012 5:11 pm

    Drill baby drill Texas……..into oblivion very soon!!! Messed up water, bad air, structure damage, serious contamination. “nothing to see here folks…..these are natural quakes”……wake up people….fix your foundation with your $3,000 royalty check from the devil.

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