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July 16, 2012

This is an important ‘smackdown’ event on August 1 at Dallas City Hall created by Mayor Mike Rawlings in order to allow both sides of the ‘man vs. industry’ voices to be heard with regard to the proposed Dallas Gas Drilling Ordinance. The stakes are set high as Dallas comes to the decision point of allowing shale gas drilling to sit ‘next door’ to our lives or ‘kept at a safer distance’ of 1500 feet or more away from families and places of business.

As business titans and city leaders begin to choose on which side to place their bets, the future of Dallas is about to be decided by the Dallas City Council with a legacy vote that will go down in the history books.  Beginning in 2008,   City Manager Suhm negotiated a ‘deal’ with the industry and ‘sucker punched’ the City Council into accepting the $34 million dollar lease payment. While some on the council questioned why the city would enter into such an agreement, they were given an upper cut punch and told by the City Manager to ‘go back and find $34 million to cut from the 2008 budget’.

A $34 million purse that was too large to toss aside became the council’s albatross they could not and would not handle until now.

Not wanting to throw in the towel, a few Dallas citizens rose up from their different corners of Dallas to question what type of secret deals and weak gas ordinances did the city have in place. While some City Council members support the gas industry and see no harm and ignore the risks, others have chosen the side of caution and continue to ask questions. The City Council’s vote this Fall, will change Dallas forever.

This will not be a walk over on August 1st.

You will witness the beginning of a historical process. Get there early for a good seat to witness this pound-for pound, life changing event. You will want to be a witness to the ‘Thrilla on Marilla’.

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  1. July 16, 2012 5:03 pm

    Raymond, will be there for the bloody first round


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