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Sign this Petiton to the Dallas City Council

October 2, 2012

Tell the Dallas City Council: Don’t frack Dallas

The Dallas City Council is poised to open the city to fracking, a toxic form of oil and gas drilling that contaminates water and generates dangerous air emissions.1

Currently, Dallas has a moratorium on fracking inside city limits. But a task force appointed by the council to study fracking recommended a set of dangerously lax regulations that could be approved any time. If the council adopts the regulations, Dallas’ air will be choked with fracking smog, and the Trinity River will be threatened with contamination by toxic chemicals.

Grassroots pressure won Dallas’ moratorium on fracking, proving that the council responds to residents who stand up for their health and safety. But the fracking industry has already bought millions of dollars of oil and gas leases, so we know that it’s pulling out all the stops to open Dallas to fracking. We need to make sure the council hears our message loud and clear: Don’t frack Dallas.

Tell the Dallas City Council: Don’t frack Dallas.

The regulations recommended by the Dallas City Council’s task force could allow drilling within 1,000 feet of homes and schools, fracking in the Trinity River floodplain, and in some city parks.2 That’s good for the oil and gas industry, but very bad if you live in Dallas, downriver, or downwind from it.

Living within half a mile of a gas well increases your risk of cancer, as well as a slew of respiratory and neurologic illnesses.3 Fracking in North Texas is already creating dangerous levels of smog in DFW. Allowing fracking inside Dallas city limits would make the problem dramatically worse. Plus, fracking contaminates groundwater–and allowing wells to be drilled in a floodplain can only increase the risk of spilled or leaked toxic chemicals getting into Dallas’ drinking water.4

And as if all of that isn’t bad enough, the injection wells that are used to dispose of the hundreds of millions of gallons of toxic wastewater generated by fracking in North Texas are causing earthquakes severe enough to damage nearby homes.5

We know industry lobbyists won’t let their clients lose access to leases in Dallas without a fight. That’s why we’re going to need to dramatically increase grassroots pressure on the Dallas City Council in demanding that it not lift the city’s moratorium on fracking.


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