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Dallas Golf Course to feature Gas Drilling: Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on Friday

October 25, 2012

As we have mentioned over a year ago, the City of Dallas has leased land on the new Luna Vista Golf Course that was previously known as L B Houston Municipal Golf Course. This land is under the auspices of Dallas Parks and Recreation and is just one of many thousands of acres of park land that has been leased away to the gas industry.

On Friday, October 26th, Dallas Mayor is one of many dignitaries scheduled to officially reopen the golf course under it’s new brand. Concerned citizens who have been sounding the alarm on proposed gas drilling inside the city limits of Dallas plan to attend the ceremony as well with their portable gas rig to bring attention to the issue of golf and gas coexisting under the 2007 Dallas gas ordinance. You may remember that during the Dallas Gas Drilling Task Force tenure, Parks Department head Joanie Walne and former judge Maggie Keliher sided with the gas industry in giving away Dallas park land and flood plain to the gas industry. Currently, hundreds of acres of flood plain near residents and proposed development in Dallas are littered with gas industry leases. A few of the locations are adjacent to the new Margaret Hunt Hill bridge, West Dallas and a new soccer complex.


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Sources inside Dallas City Hall have stated that Dallas City Attorney Tom Perkins and his staff have not even begun the task of writing the new gas ordinance for the Dallas City Council to consider and vote to approve. As of last week, City Attorney Tammy Palomino who has been given the task of writing the new ordinance  has not yet started work on the project. There are currently no timelines or dates to put the new ordinance on the City Council agenda. We asked a high ranking official about the status of the ordinance and the official told us that nothing is currently on the schedule for consideration.

We are hoping that on Friday, Mayor Mike Rawlings will be able to update the media and the public on the status of the new Dallas gas ordinance and the agreement between the City of Dallas and Trinity East Energy to install the multi well gas pad site on the new Luna Vista Golf Course.

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  1. October 25, 2012 11:38 am

    The Golf Course will provide an excellent cover/screen for the shale gas drilling and fracking activities. That’s been the business plan in the Barnett Shale since Day 1.

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