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When is a Floodplain, not a Floodplain?

November 15, 2012

You may remember that we posted last year about Dallas billionairess,Lucy Crow Billingsley’s company wanting to build a multi use development known as Cypress Waters at the Dallas annexed land, North Lake represented by District 6.

Within the same 45 day period back in June of 2010, Billingsley received a ‘approval’ vote from the Dallas City Council to move forward with the development, the council also approved the SUP application for Dallas billionaire Trevor Rees Jones company, Chief Energy to build a shale gas pad site literally in the middle of the development on the vacated Luminant Energy site. The pad site would be located on the North End of the Cypress Waters Development. Chief Energy is currently waiting on the permit, which could occur any moment since all other paper work is in completed and approved.

As of yesterday, the Billingsley Company would like to have permission( via  ‘fill permit’) to alter the size of the lake at the North Lake development site to a smaller size in order to increase the feasibility of the project. They have submitted a letter with a map that we show below.

View this document on Scribd
View this document on Scribd

There will be an open to the public meeting on:

November 26, 2012 from 6:30-7:30 pm at the
Bachman Therapeutic Recreation Center, Room #1
2750 Bachman Drive, 75220

The Billingsley Company has made no official public comments about the multi use development and the central location of the gas pad site within Cypress Waters.

While it is understandable that there would be a need to shrink the lake in order to build a profitable development, we wonder if the re designation of a floodplain to something else is precedent setting for the future. Since Trinity East Energy has leased several thousand acres of the Trinity River Floodplain, will this situation be used again in order to make drilling easier?

Dallas City Hall has currently ceased all procedures to write a new gas ordinance for the City of Dallas. The City Manager along with City Attorney Tom Perkins continue to wave symbolic red flags of distress at the council hinting that the City of Dallas would be sued by the gas industry.  The language of the leases do not contain any language that would allow the drilling to move forward, but Perkins continues to address the ‘nuance’ and the ‘good faith’ of the document.

It is felt that politics, and friendships at 1500 Marilla Street are the top priority and not the health/safety of North Texas residents.  Dallas City Hall under the leadership of Mary Suhm and Mike Rawlings has failed on this matter.

You can tell them yourself on November 26.

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