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Promised Land

December 6, 2012



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  1. Jana DeGrand permalink
    December 6, 2012 8:58 pm

    Need to see this to see how accurate it is. No one can understand the enormous health and environmental impacts you will live with if you lease. An O & G attorney told me that unless you owned a huge parcel of land 100%, not to waste your time on a lease. Huge = more than just a handful of acres, certainly not a city lot. Once you sign, the O & G folks own superior rights to your property FOREVER. Your contract means nothing, the lease will be flipped, contracts will be broken, and you will not have ever made enough to pay an attorney. Good luck on getting your actual royalties, The biggest point is the health and environmental impact. You can not buy clean air and clean water. Cancer clusters, childhood asthma, and a huge host of illnesses come with your neighborhood rig. The -industry basically polices itself, with thousands of wells going without inspection every year. The burden of proof is on the citizens. Please Dallas, say no and stand your ground. It IS NOT worth it. Please take it from someone who lives in the middle of 15+ wells and a myriad of criss- crossing pipelines. Back to the movie, I hope it is accurate and not just entertainment, this subject is far too serious to play with.

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