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December 6, 2012



Tell the Dallas City Council: Don’t frack Dallas


The Dallas City Council may be trying to do an end run around Dallas’ fracking moratorium.1

Last year, the Dallas City Council agreed to a de facto moratorium on fracking while it drafted regulations to protect residents from the harmful effects of fracking.2 But now the city council appears to be walking back its promise by encouraging fracking companies to seek permission to drill before regulations are finished.

If fracking is allowed to begin before regulations are complete it will put the health and safety of Dallas residents at risk while making it extremely difficult to hold the city council accountable for finishing regulations in the future. Over 1,300 CREDO Action residents have already called on the city council not to lift the moratorium. Will you join them?

Tell the Dallas City Council: Don’t frack Dallas.

A year and a half ago, the Dallas City Council established a task force to draft fracking regulations. The task force met regularly for months, drafted regulations, and proposed them to the city council. Then, for four months, the council did nothing, until last month when it sent a letter to fracking companies with leases in Dallas telling them to apply for drilling permits or risk losing their leases.

The regulations proposed for fracking in Dallas are woefully inadequate. But they’re certainly better than outright unregulated fracking, which is what Dallas will get if the city council green-lights fracking now.

Tell the Dallas City Council: Don’t frack Dallas.

Fracking, regulated or not, is a dire threat to the health of Dallas residents. Fracking generates toxic air pollution that puts nearby residents at increased risk of cancer.3 Oil and gas drilling in the DFW area already emits more smog-causing volatile organic compounds than all cars, trucks, buses and other mobile sources in the area combined.4 Air quality in Dallas will only get worse if the city council opens the city limits to fracking.

Then there are the injection wells that are used to dispose of the hundreds of millions of gallons of toxic wastewater generated by fracking. In North Texas they are already causing earthquakes severe enough to damage nearby homes.5

Allowing this industry to set up shop inside Dallas is bad enough. Allowing fracking to begin before the city council has even passed regulations that provide minimal, baseline protections for Dallas residents is downright reckless.

Tell the Dallas City Council: Don’t frack Dallas.



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