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Dallas Bridge To Leadville

December 16, 2012


“The problem with lead is it gets stored in our bones and stays with us for the rest of our lives” 

Dallas News writer, Valerie Wigglesworth has created a ground breaking series detailing the history and future of the lead contaminated area known as West Dallas. While the efforts of Dallas City Hall to bring a new economy to West Dallas via the  Margaret Hunt Hill bridge, along with new developments , the lead contaminated history of West Dallas refuses to disappear.

The 1984 closure of RSR Corp.’s smelter, where used car batteries were recycled, was just the beginning of West Dallas’ struggles with lead. Contamination from the smelter still exists there today, residents say. That raises questions about the road ahead for Frisco, where cleanup is just starting at the Exide Technologies smelter that shut down Nov. 30.

You can read more of this series at THE DALLAS NEWS link, it does require paid subscriber.



Dr. Trey Brown, a metals toxicologist commissioned to do the soil testing for The News, said the lead levels found during sampling were higher than what he typically sees in a community.

“There’s something going on here,” he said.

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