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Dealer’s(the Mayor of Dallas) Choice

December 18, 2012




Last Week The Dallas Observer writer, Anna Merlan along with other Dallas media was summoned to hear Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings’ comments about the future of gas drilling in Dallas. The Mayor tells the Dallas media that he does not see a new Dallas gas ordinance before next Summer. Many have speculated that the Mayor is hoping for two things to happen before that new gas ordinance goes into effect:

1. New Council members will be sworn in after the May elections with a potential of more gas friendly votes.

2. The price of gas could rise creating a  better atmosphere for a weaker ordinance.

On Thursday, December 20th at 1:30 will appear before the City Planning Commission hoping for allowance to drill in the Trinity River floodplains, parklands, and ecosystems.

Read the following excerpts from The Dallas Observer:

Isn’t Trinity East the company that wants to drill
pretty much exclusively in the floodplains along the Trinity River? And isn’t that currently not allowed, because flooding or even just regular old rain could send noxious chemicals washing into the already-pristine Trinity? Yep. According to the Dallas Development Code, the company will have to be granted a variance in order to drill there.

But, see, Trinity East thinks that they should totally allowed to drill in the floodplain, as manager and shareholder Steve Fort made clear to Leslie Minora back in May. Not because there are any rules actually saying that they can do that by right, understand, but because, as he put it, someone at City Hall told them they could back in 2007.

So, does Mike Rawlings think Trinity East is allowed to drill in a floodplain?

“They will,” he replied. “That deal was cut. If they drill. That’s a business decision for them,” he said.

So we ask, what were the details of the deal that was cut?

All Dallas residents are encouraged to show up on Thursday to stop this private poker game.


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