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Dallas Commission To Consider Compressor Station Adjacent to School/Soccer

December 19, 2012



Say No to Heavy Industrial Sites at Dallas Soccer Fields, Golf Course

This Thursday, December 20th, the Dallas City Plan Commission will hold a public hearing and vote on three proposed gas drilling (or “fracking”) sites near the Luna Vista Golf Course in Northwest Dallas. They will also vote on a proposal to build a huge gas compressor station just 600 feet away from the new Elm Fork Soccer Complex. Far worse than gas wells, compressor stations are huge, heavy industrial facilities that pour tens of thousands of pounds of toxic and smog-forming pollution into the air. They’re known sources of benzene and formaldehyde emissions, both of which cause cancer. In short, putting this so close to where our families enjoy soccer fields and other recreational activities is a terrible idea.

Click here to send a message to the City Plan Commission now urging them to vote against this dangerous project!

Have Your Say: Attend the Public Hearing
Thursday, Dec. 20th, 1:30 p.m.
Dallas City Council Chambers
1500 Marilla, 6th Floor

Earlier this year, the Dallas officials who are most familiar with this issue called for a ban on compressor stations within the city limits—just as they’ve recommended banning toxic injection wells for the fracking wastes. After visiting similar facilities, the City’s Gas Drilling Task Force quickly realized how harmful they are and recommended against allowing any in Dallas. Much attention has been given to the seismic dangers that injection wells pose. Compressor stations deserve the same level of scrutiny.

Another proposed fracking site is immediately adjacent to the newly renovated Luna Vista Golf Course. There is also a school, North Hills Preparatory, located about 1,200 feet away. Their track and field team, as well as countless other D/FW residents, uses the section of the Campion Trail that runs just a few hundred feet from the site.

Two of the proposed drilling sites are within the Trinity River floodplain. Under the current city ordinance, the gas company would be required to obtain a “fill permit” before drilling. But that would be extremely difficult and expensive for them to do, so these applications were designed assuming the City Council could later change its floodplain rules to give them a special exemption. It just doesn’t make sense for the City Plan Commission to vote on these applications before, not after, that change is made.

Click here to send your message now!

Trinity East has leased thousands of acres of land for drilling. They should identify and propose drilling sites that aren’t in the middle of our recreational areas, at our golf course and next to a school and soccer fields. The City Plan Commission should reject these applications and tell the company to come back with plans that don’t put Dallas residents at risk. To make the right decision, they need to hear from you.



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