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January 4, 2013



In a shocking move, Trinity East Energy has filed an appeal with the Dallas City Planning Commission and has won a secondary hearing scheduled for Thursday, January 10th at 1:30 pm at Dallas City Hall.

On December 20th, Trinity East was denied approval of their SUP much to their surprise culminating in a shouting match between Chairman Joe Alcantar and Industry representative, Dallas Cothrum. Cothrum’s outburst caught everyone off guard with his lack of decorum and outrageous behavior.

The last time that we saw this type of behavior in City Hall chambers, the person was removed. Luckily for Cothrum, he has a lot of friends in City Hall who owe him a lot of favors. The SUP was scheduled to go before the Dallas City Council later this month as was expected via normal process.


This unexpected scheduled rehearing has revealed the twists and turns within the confines of Dallas City Hall. The proposed site sits adjacent to North Hills Prepatory School where many Dallas residents have children enrolled. It also sits adjacent to the new Elm Fork Soccer Complex that is scheduled to debut soon. A concerned parent whose child attends North Hills Prep spoke before the Commission asking that the SUP be denied. More parents from North Hills are being contacted to attend the January 10th hearing.

Although the agenda for the City Planning Commission is being withheld per the Office of the Mayor until Monday, word leaked out overnight about the development.

Raymond Crawford, representative for Dallas Area Residents for Responsible Drilling said,” to find this out just shows the public what we have been saying for two years. Leaders at City Hall are more beholden to the gas industry rather than Dallas residents. Mayor Mike Rawlings’ leadership on this matter is non existent. What leadership he has shown, has been for the industry and not for Dallas residents.”

Activists who were present at the December 20th hearing plan on being present at the January 10th hearing along with more concerned residents.



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