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Children of the Scorned

January 6, 2013



On December 20th, as gas industry representative/spokesman and Dallas native, Mr. Dallas Cothrum made his pitch to the City Planning Commission, he stressed how compressors in North Texas were not harmful and that compressors were vital in making the shale gas exploration process more viable. What he failed to tell the Planning Commission was that  a series of videos taken by the TCEQ exists showing the harm that the industry contributes on a 24/7 basis. TCEQ a State of Texas government agency has created the videos and made available for the public record.

What Cothrum failed to tell the Commission, was the proposed Trinity East Energy multi well pad site with compressors would sit very close to North Hills Prep School, Luna Vista Municipal Golf Course and the new Elm Fork Soccer Complex currently under construction. Many Dallas children attend the North Hills Prep, Dallas residents golf at the green, and many Dallas residents are expected to use the new soccer complex. These circumstances show be a warning to anyone who may use any of these venues for education or sport. Mr. Cothrum and his family do not, so he does not care. He just wants to close the deal and take his check. Scornful. The children at the school, the golfers, the soccer players, all could become the new CHILDREN OF THE SCORNED.

See the videos below.









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  1. January 7, 2013 10:04 am

    I filed an abuse compaint with AISD ….Sent: Tue, January 1, 2013 6:18:50 PM
    Subject: AISD hiding behind (the lack of) regulation in allowing drilling near schools/abuse complaint filed

    Please be advised that I have filed an abuse complaint today on AISD leadership that has allowed (without due diligence) drilling near students and staff on form

    It seems that Joe Barton is rather upset that the CDC is undertaking a shale health and environmental impact study in drilling near people which is proof that this was not done years ago when drilling was allowed near AISD schools.

    On the abuse report, I site student and staff exposures to diesel in unnecessary truck traffic, chemicals used in drilling, fracking and reworking wells, BTEX, NORM, heavy metals, CO,Co2,So2,NOX,PM, VOC’s, formaldehyde, carbon disulfide, frac chemicals, H2S (SRB), brine/produced waters, and drilling/flowback waste exposures.

    I attest to the best of my ability that over the last three years I have fulltime without pay studied the risks and loopholes in public protections at the local, state and federal levels of urban drilling and have found it to not have been proven safe.

    It also has not been proven to be safe to the delicate hormonal endocrine system that can be affected by disruptions from environmental chemical dosing as low as in “parts per trillion” which can have lifelong ramifications.

    The unnecessary risk to the public is an abuse of power, an abuse to the health of students and staff (especially those already with asthma), and is a poor example of leadership in hiding behind the rhetoric of local and state industry regulations in being adequate for public protection when no one did a health and environmental impact study first.

    The fact that the CDC is currently undertaking such a shale health impact study obviously proves that AISD leadership did not do its due digligence, and has recklessly allowed drilling to be near students and staff.

    In speaking with a high ranking AISD official about how it was determined that drilling was safe to be near schools, I was told that they relied on the city who relied on the state that determined the industry was within the law of regulation, and therefore it was ASSumed safe.

    Thus “regulation” has become a convenient shield for industry and AISD to hide behind. If industry does not have to address evidence of student and staff “abuse” against its products directly, and simply points to regulatory approvals as a way of divesting itself of responsibility for toxic effects, someone else will be held accountable, I’m starting with AISD.

    Kim Feil

  2. Ruth Ann Cook permalink
    January 7, 2013 12:03 pm

    An impressive post from Kim Feil. North HiIls parents could be a loud, strong voice against drilling close to their school. No reasonable person could think fracking chemicals are okay for kids-kids playing sports outside, running laps and playing outside, kids waiting to be picked up before and after school, kids walking to and from school. Would be child abuse, really-with a risk of explosion and fire.

  3. January 7, 2013 5:29 pm

    It was all OK when it was something that happened “out there” i.e. Africa, Middle East, West Texas, the North Sea. However, when it comes close to home all the Soccer Moms get in there bully pulpit and say, “Not in MY backyard”. My question is if not ours then who’s? The fuel that we ALL use has to come from somewhere. When it’s all said and done after you pick up your kids from school, take them to and from soccer, and go wave your protest banner at city hall you still have to go the Exxon/Shell/Valero station and fill up. SO tell me, who really won? The majority of your electricity still comes from coal and natural gas. People want their transportaion, heat, power, plastics, and all the other things that make up the modren society we have built for ourselves over the past 150 years, but they don’t want to have to deal with the flip side of all that convience. Until we all start to change how we live none of this will stop. You can bitch about ordanances, air pollution, truck traffic, VOC’s cuasing cancer till you are blue in the face, but as long as our society needs these hydro-carbons to fuel EVERY aspect of our lives, the little people will continue to be rolled over, just like in Africa, Middle East, West Texas. Where are your solar planels on your roofs, or the wind mills in your backyards, what is your AC set to, do grow at least some of your own food, or do you just buy it at the store where it was havested, prepped, shipped and stored using some form of hydo-carbon? You may win the battle of drilling in the floodplain but until we as a socitey start using less energy you will lose the war.

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