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Cothrum Lied to Dallas Commissioners

January 8, 2013



“Essentially, it’s a refinery, next door to a soccer field.” So says Jim Schermbeck, of Downwinders at Risk. Schermbeck who was instrumental in assisting the citizens of Frisco in shutting down the Exide Battery Plant in late 2012.

On December 20th, while spinning his message to the Dallas Planning Commission, gas industry rep and Dallas native, Mr. Dallas Cothrum deflected all concerns about gas compressors when asked by Commissioners and local residents. Cothrum told the Commission that ‘line compressors’ were always a requirement of the pad site and emissions were around 20 tons a year.

What Cothrum did not address was the GAS COMPRESSOR FACILITY that is part of the SUP request by Trinity East Energy that will be up for a rehearing on Thursday at 1:30 at City Hall. This gas compression facility/refinery would sit next door to the new Elm Fork Soccer Complex currently being constructed in Northwest Dallas. It also sits adjacent to the Luna Vista Golf Course and adjacent to the North Hills Preparatory School. Concerned residents went to City Hall on Monday and went through the complete SUP records and deciphered many of the secrets contained within. What they saw, they took photos and are published here. The citizens were very alarmed at what they saw.


Earthworks Oil and Gas Accountability organizer, Sharon Wilson commented upon viewing the data, ” This is very similar to the Argyle, Texas facility where they had over 50 complaints in 1 year. In 2011, Williams Energy exceeded the amount of estimated permit releases on February 3rd.” Wilson was asked what the residents told her about living next door to a gas compression facility. ” A number of people sued Williams and/or moved away. People cannot live next door to a refinery like this.”




By not addressing all of the details contained within the SUP including the gas compression facility, Cothrum lied to the Planning Commission. On Monday, Cothrum was holding meetings with City Council members selling the same story he presented to the Commission. All lies.


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  1. January 8, 2013 1:30 pm

    The reason Dallas Cothrum didn’t present all the “details” must be because he didn’t think it was necessary. The industry and municipalities know the current case law and the CURRENT state and federal laws regarding all of this. They don’t always want us to know them.

    Pipeline parts and compressors for urban shale gas development and all the other stuff that gets the shale gas to market is defined as a “public utility” in our state laws. Even though it is being conducted by a private company and NOT for our communities. That’s right.

    Be sure to check out the well-known Grand Prairie, TX case where Grand Prairie was sued in 2008 for SIMPLY imposing an Ordinance specifying a setback and fencing for a Compressor Station. The gas gathering pipeline company SUED the City of Grand Prairie for daring to do that ~ but by the time the case was heard they had decided to do what the City asked via the new SUP (for compressor stations). On appeal in 2010, the Judge clearly was open to more discussion, but Grand Prairie attorneys didn’t even try to present a case. Interesting (and maybe hopeful) that the Judge reprimanded the City for not offering a case since the industry (Texas Midstream Gas) was arguing “Moot.”

    October 5, 2012 Presentation about recent case law to do with Urban Drilling:

    Maybe someone will share their thoughts and legal expertise with all of this. Thank you.

  2. Dave permalink
    January 8, 2013 9:44 pm

    Drill baby drill,kill baby kill

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