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Dallas City Hall responds to Dallas Residents:STFU!

January 9, 2013


The fight over gas drilling in Dallas is now as much a about the democratic process as it is about pollution:

 – Public meetings scheduled five days before Christmas in hopes of lowering turnout

– Hiding a huge compressor station and gas processing plant that will be the 10th largest air polluter in Dallas inside a “drilling permit”

– And now, they want to steal a vote citizens won in December through “reconsideration” of that vote a tomorrow’s Plan Commission meeting…without any opportunity for public comment.

But we assure you. There will be public comment.

Help us protect your rights as citizens and breathers

Join us Tomorrow

Because some things just need protesting

Thursday 1:30 pm

6th Floor  City Council Chambers  Dallas City Hall

And Today… you can send an instant e-mail to the Dallas City Council and the Dallas Plan Commission telling them you don’t want them to “reconsider” the gas permits that were denied in December

Just Click Here

Do this right now. Please. Thanks

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