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Gas Compressor Fire in Southeast Texas

January 18, 2013


A fire at a gas facility in Madison County has been put out and investigators say no one is in any danger.

That fire happened at a natural gas compressor station for the company Energy Transfer Partners.

This happened just west of North Zulch at the intersection of Bundic Road, also called County Road 431, and Gas Plant Road.

Emergency crews were called to the scene after reports of an explosion but the fire was contained to some equipment.

Several homes were evacuated at first as a precaution.

The fire started at the Energy Transfer Partners Compressor Plant around 7 P.M. and when News 3 first arrived, could see smoke but firefighters were able to quickly contain the equipment that was on fire.

Officials say the fire was confined to a natural gas engine. The compressor station kind of acts as a battery charger and helps move the natural gas along a pipeline.

Firefighters from Madisonville, Flynn, Normangee and North Zulch were on hand as well as Madison County Sheriff’s Deputies to secure the scene.

“One of the pipeline compressor motors actually burst into flames. North Zulch Fire Department responded first then Madison County, Madisonville Fire Department also showed on scene. They contained the fire. Energy Transfer showed up really fast and they basically shut the gas off also to alleviate the possible damage to any of the surrounding area,” said Larry Shiver, an investigator with the Madison County Sheriff’s Office.

There is also an Atmos Gas Plant next door to this facility that was unaffected by fire.

Madison County Sheriff’s Officials have since reopened the roads affected by the incident.

A total of 23 firefighters responded and had the fire under control within 30 minutes.

News 3 has learned that fire at a gas plant in Madison County is under control.

It happened near the intersection of Bundic Road, also called County Road 431, and Gas Plant Road or F-M 2865. The facility is owned by
Energy Transfer Partners.

That’s just west of North Zulch.

Firefighters from Madisonville, Normangee, and Flynn responded to the fire.

Two nearby homes were evacuated, but Madison County Sheriff Travis Neeley says those residents were allowed to return home.

He says it was an engine compressor fire at that plant and there is no immediate threat to the public at this time.


Just before 7pm Thursday First responders were called to a natural gas plant explosion in Madison County.

The explosion happened at a facility on Bundick Road and FM 2815 in Madison County.

News 3’s Clay Falls is on the scene and says he sees smoke, but no flames.

Several homes were evacuated near the facility, but the Madison County Sheriff says those families have been allowed to return home.


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