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Deception City Hall

January 22, 2013



Friday, January 18th found Zac Trahan, DFW Program Director Texas Campaign for the Environment sitting at Dallas City Hall in a meeting with Director Sustainable Development/Construction, Theresa O’Donnell, Assistant David Cossum, and Assistant City Attorney Tammy Palomino.  Trahan asked for the meeting to help clarify the Trinity East Energy proposal of not only installing two pad sites at Luna Vista Golf Course and the Dallas Gun Club, but also including a gas compression/processing facility on a third piece of property in the same vicinity.

We spoke with Trahan about his meeting on Friday, January 18th at City Hall:

Dallas Drilling: Tell me about your conversation with Tammy Palomino.

Trahan: I asked her if this is a compressor station and she said. “No, it is defined as has drilling and production under our current ordinance.” I then asked her what she thinks a compressor/processing station is, if this was not considered a gas compressor/processing facility. She replied, “The current ordinance contains no definition of a compressor station, so we wouldn’t say.”

Dallas Drilling: I recall that on December 20 Cothrum(Trinity East Energy Representative) was talking about how safe the gas compressor/processor would be and that the amount of pollution coming out would be negligible. Did you ask Palomino about that?

Trahan: I asked her if any of the other facilities that Dallas Cothrum displayed on December 20th,( all of which he stated to the Commission were compressor/processor stations) would qualify as a compressor/processing station.

Dallas Drilling: What was her answer?

Trahan: She replied,“We couldn’t say.” Then all of a sudden, Cossum and O’Donnell start spit-balling ideas about what kind of scenario might qualify as a compressor/processing station. They said, “We take things on a case by case basis, see.”

Dallas Drilling: So how would you sum up this meeting about the gas compression/processing  facility that is being proposed?

Trahan:  My impression was that the required talking point at Dallas City Hall is ‘we don’t know what a compressor/processing station is, but trust us, this isn’t one. It isn’t one because we say it isn’t one.’

Dallas Drilling: To sum it up?

Trahan: It  made me ask, “Where am I?”

Dallas Drilling: So what’s next?

Trahan: Just read the press release

View this document on Scribd

You may remember that a few weeks ago, two concerned Dallas citizens when to Dallas City Hall and uncovered the plans for the gas compression/processing facility that supposedly does not exist according  to Dallas City Hall. Below you will see the pictures.gascompressionprocessor



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  1. Ted Barker permalink
    February 5, 2013 3:00 pm

    Raymond, I have been sending all the petitions and just now sent a message to all the Council about Sheffie Kadane’s comments about the rock crushing planet.

    Many of the SaveWinfreyPoint folks have also been involved with your campaign. Keep up the pressure.

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