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Dallas Soccer Field+Gas Compressor(Refinery) = The Dead Zone

January 27, 2013



As the City of Dallas continues to promote the new Elm Fork Soccer Complex currently being constructed at I35 and Walnut Hill, questions remain.

We continue to wonder why the Mayor, the City Manager, and her staff dodge questions about this gas compressor facility(refinery) being proposed next door to the athletic complex. We would hope that the Mayor and his staff would want to answer questions about the environmental and health concerns that are being asked but never answered.

That the City Manager has instructed her staff to deny the existence of this gas compressor facility which in essence is a refinery shows little regard for human health and a breach of trust with Dallas residents.

The original deals were signed in 2008, and City employees continue to hide the facts based on her direction. They need their job so they have to lie and cheat the public in order to save their jobs. We need to live healthy and productive lives, and this shows to what lengths the City Manager will go in order to protect her ‘deal’ with the gas industry and others yet unnamed.

She evens instructs the Mayor as to what he can and cannot say. She is running the show, not the Mayor.

Allowing the gas compressor facility(refinery) to be built next door to a combination Soccer/Multi Purpose Facility is unthinkable. Yet, the City Manager directs the Mayor to pursue it. It will be a dead zone. It will be Mayor Mike Rawlings Sour Gas Refinery going forward.

The City Manager should be fired.







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  1. Ruth Ann King permalink
    January 27, 2013 6:36 pm

    Appalling. EIther this is going to happen or it isn’t. If no plant will ever be built, put this promise in writing and make it legally binding. The public is not stupid.

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