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Secrets Continue to be Revealed

February 11, 2013



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April 2008, mineral leases were signed between Dallas County residents and Eu Energy. In June 2008 the Dallas Park Board voted to allow drilling underneath Dallas park land.  Is this coincidental timing between leases and a vote at Dallas City Hall? Who is Eu Energy? Why is the lease agreement being filed by Trinity East Energy’s Steve Fort? Who else is involved?

What is going on?

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  1. February 11, 2013 2:50 pm

    Euro Energy, LLC appears to be the Landmen who obtained these leases for Trinity East. The companies “signed” would have received signing bonuses at that time. After that, they are then known as the “Lessors.” Many, many property owners were receiving signing bonuses back in the day (from Landmen) without either of them knowing anything about the future plans.

    These highlighted are various dates in December 2007. That means that they would have expired by December 2010 (if they were standard 3-year mineral leases) ~ since we assume there was no “spud” date for a well.

    The companies listed can be looked up on Dallas County property records to see if these leases were re-newed, recently. They may have nothing to do with the current activity since 2007 was the year of the “Frenzy” and so many of these early leases have been “flipped” long ago for profit.

    Remeber Bernie Madoff? The King of Thieves ~

    If there have not been any current leases signed and showing up on property records, then the plans right now are simply for pipeline infrastructure including the “Refinery.” All current laws consider all of this a “public uitiliy” and for the “public good” and laws allow for condemnation of any property they need. Private pipeline companies have been compensating cities for doing the dirty deed inside the city…the $19 million received by the City of Dallas from Trinity East may be the compensation they believe has taken care of that.

  2. February 11, 2013 5:53 pm

    Keep digging. I would imagine there is a lot more to be uncovered. Who is Trinity East, AKA Keystone fronting for? Who are their investors? Is it foreign money? If there is any shale gas at the edge of the Barnett, are they going to buy it low and sell it high in foreign markets, and leave the environmental wasteland in Texas? Is this why it was worth waiting 5 years and investing $19 million? Why is Trinity East not actively drilling in the Barnett, who are they really? Check out Keystones’ website, does it make sense to you? Why does it link you to area tax appraisal districts as a resource? Take a hard look at this operator. There is something really wrong here. There is much that does not add up. The red flags are waving in the wind!

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