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Mary Suhm’s Big Fat Mess

February 19, 2013



Just when it seemed the city’s gas drilling fiasco couldn’t get much messier came Dallas City Manager Mary Suhm’s concession Friday that a critical 22-acre tract of parkland included in the Trinity East lease was not among a list of properties that the City Council authorized for the deal.

In an interview Monday, Suhm continued to maintain that she doesn’t know how the tract ended up in the lease agreement, adding, “It is something that we should not have done, and I have to take the responsibility for it.”

The tract is one of only two city-owned parcels where Trinity East now wants to do surface drilling. The revelation about the parcel came on the heels of news that Suhm privately told Trinity East that she would help it to win the right to drill on parkland at the same time that she was publicly assuring the council that she would not support drilling on city parkland.

There’s a whole lot of explaining to do here, and Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings has called on Suhm and City Attorney Tom Perkins to sort all this out in a briefing to the City Council.

The city’s gas drilling debacle is a major embarrassment and could cost residents dearly. The City Council needs direct, truthful answers — now.




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