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Let the Sun Shine In at Dallas City Hall

February 22, 2013


It has been announced that Dallas City Manager Mary Suhm is preparing a brief  for the City Council, next Wednesday, February 27. It is expected that Suhm will come clean on how she conspired with Trinity East Energy to allow drilling on surface park land and then try to sell it to the City Council. It is also expected that her pal, City Attorney Tom Perkins will tell the Council that they need to help cover Mary’s tail in order to prevent a lawsuit. How to accomplish that remains unclear, but the entire episode is filled with corruption from the beginning.

Plans are under way to do this behind closed doors in executive session. This is wrong, this is not right, to allow this meeting to go forward in this manner would be a repugnant act on the face of Dallas residents.She must be held accountable to the citizens of Dallas. We are in the drivers seat for the City of Dallas, not the Council, not the Mayor and certainly not Mary K. Suhm. They all can be replaced.

You need to email or call your City Council member, you can call the Mayor immediately. Tell them this meeting must be held in public on Wednesday, February 27th. Anything less, is a deal breaker.

Remember what Mike Rawlings said in July 2011:




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  1. February 22, 2013 10:15 pm

    It is imperative that the briefing to the Dallas City Council by Mary Suhm and Tom Perkins be an open, transparent, public briefing that tells the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    The fact is that no lawsuit from Trinity East Energy has been threatened or filed. Any attempt to claim discussions should be held in executive session because of the sensitive legal nature of the topic is a fraud predicated upon a hypothetical lawsuit that does not exist. Mayor Rawlings and the City Council must NOT be allowed to get away with doing another backroom deal like the one that got them into this mess in 2008, when Mary Suhm exceeded her legal authority and modified a lease agreement already approved by the City Council.

    For City Attorney Tom Perkins to now try to give cover to this fraud would be to make him an accessory after the fact. Tom Perkins, as an officer of the court, is sworn to uphold ALL laws, and that certainly includes the Texas Open Meetings Act and the Federal Open Meetings Act, both of which establish specific conditions under which a matter can be discussed in executive session beyond the public’s right to know.

    Please send written letters or e-mails to Mayor Rawlings, City Attorney Tom Perkins, City Manager Mary Suhm, all members of the Dallas City Council, editorial staffs of the Dallas Morning News and Dallas Observer and every news media television and radio station serving the Dallas Fort Worth Metro area demanding full public disclosure in an open, public meeting to hear the briefing of Suhm and Perkins on Wednesday, February 27.

    Also, please forward copies if your letters or e-mails to Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins and Texas Attorney General Gregg Abbott asking for their assistance in a full and thorough investigation of corrupt practices by the Dallas City Council, City Manager and City Attorney for concealing and lying to citizens about the true nature of discussions and agreements made between the City of Dallas and Trinity East Energy LLC.

  2. Christine Goodluck permalink
    March 15, 2013 1:25 pm

    Thanks so much for all of your information. God speed.

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