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Town Hall Meeting on March 18th

March 14, 2013

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City Officials with the City of Irving, Texas have agreed to a Q/A Town Hall Meeting at North Hills Prep School on March 18 at 6:00 pm  to discuss shale gas drilling that if approved by Dallas, would sit next door to Irving property owners on City of  Dallas and Dallas private  property. 

Trinity East Energy continues it’s maneuvering to achieve approval on 3 special use permits granting them the ability to install as many as 40 gas wells near Luna Vista Golf Course and the Dallas Gun Club, and a gas compressor facility/refinery on private land. Trinity East Energy has also given hints to the local media that eventually, they would be installing a pipeline network connecting wells in Irving, Dallas, Grand Prairie, and Farmers Branch.


Questions continue to rain down upon Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings and City Manager Mary Suhm when it was recently revealed Suhm’s involvement with a side deal agreement with Trinity East Energy in early 2009. Since the City Council briefing two weeks ago, where 13 members of the City Council gave Suhm their support, documents reveal a Trinity East Energy drilling accident in July 2009 on a gas well that involved the City of Irving and City of Dallas. The same documents also show that the City of Dallas has been and continues to be listed as a lessor along with the City of Irving, and many other entities.

In July 2009, Trinity East Energy/Keystone was involved in a drilling accident on the University of Dallas campus which involved the metal casing at 2850 feet underground, broke apart. Details of the accident, and possible contamination is not known since the gas industry was not required to file paperwork about this type of occurrence before a new State of Texas law was enacted in February 2012. New laws now require this documentation.

Dallas officials have continued to evade all questions regarding this particular lease agreement that included 184 acres of City of Dallas mineral rights. When contacted, most Dallas City Council and Dallas Planning Commission members were unaware of this particular agreement that allowed the City of Dallas to become a lessor with Trinity East Energy.

City of Irving officials said that the Trinity East Energy lease agreement was approved as a consent agenda item in early 2009. Typically, consent agenda items do not require public discussion amongst city council members before approval.

city of

Many Irving residents became alarmed when word spread throughout Irving about the proposed Luna Vista drilling/compressor facility site in Dallas. Many parents whose children throughout the DFW metroplex attend North Hills Prep School, immediately began to ask questions due to the close proximity of the propose drill/compressor site. They requested a town hall meeting with city officials and it has been scheduled for Monday, March 18th at 6:00 pm. Many Dallas residents have children who also attend North Hills Prep School.

On February 7th, Trinity East Energy CEO Tom Blanton appeared at a Dallas Planning Commission hearing and side stepped a question from Commissioner Betty Culbreath about the type of casing used to drill for gas and the safety of that industrial procedure.While Blanton did not address the July 2009 accident, he did stress to Culbreath that casing in general was safe.

Audio recordings now reveal Blanton’s answer to Culbreath were:

“there’s no possibility that chemicals, the salt water or the fracturing effect to escape that one zone that’s there, it’s encased in concrete.”

Texas Railroad Commission documents show that there was a mishap of “mechanical difficulties” that occurred in early July 2009.

City of Dallas officials have not created a public forum or town hall meeting to address the concerns of residents and exhibited a “hands off” attitude when it comes to keeping the public informed of how the Trinity East Energy deal was cut. The City of Irving will be the first city to have this type of public discussion.

Both Irving and Dallas residents are urged to attend this town hall meeting to hear what City of Irving officials have to say about the recent Trinity East Energy plans at Luna Vista in Dallas, and the drilling accident at the University of Dallas in 2009.

Informational flier is below and can be printed for distribution to the public.


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