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March 16, 2013

reallyDallas Mayor Mike Rawlings said on December 14, “the deal was cut.”

There is a tainted secret deal that we still do not have all of the answers that could change lives forever. Key members of the City Council have sided with the gas industry and support the Mayor’s reluctance to reveal everything that he knows about this secret deal.

Opponents will once again be gathering at 1pm next Thursday, March 21st, on the 6th floor of Dallas City Hall to hold a press conference immediately before the start of the CPC meeting.

This March vote was scheduled after the short-circuited February 7th Commission hearing, when members of the CPC requested that the City Council take action to change city policy to make the permits legal – that is, to allow drilling in park land and the flood plain. However, the Council hasn’t taken any action on these items. Drilling in parks and in the flood plain is still against city policy and so, these permits are still illegal. Voting for their approval would be a disastrous precedent. But the vote will be very close.

That’s why we need you there again next Thursday.


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  1. March 16, 2013 6:11 pm

    Not sure why this Trinity East/Dallas Lease for the wells at 3400 Tom Braniff was not known to the public and never discussed in public? Are cities allowed to cut secret deals like this? Who was the mayor in 2009?

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