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Scary Pictures of Gas Compressor/Refinery

March 19, 2013



The Dallas City Planning Commission Agenda reveals the plans being considered on Thursday at 1:30 proposed by Trinity East Energy to build a super gas compressor/refinery facility next door to the Elm Fork Soccer Complex. In past meetings, representatives for Trinity East Energy admitted that the volatile organic compounds that will come out of this facility will greatly contribute to the overall bad air that already exists in the DFW area.

If the Planning Commission approves denies this plan on Thursday, the Dallas City Council must still approve it with a 12 vote majority. If the Dallas City Council does vote to approve this facility, then it will immediately become a public utility that the City of Dallas no longer controls. It would then be under the supervision of the State of Texas.

Concerned residents including parents of children who would use the Elm Fork Soccer Complex are being urged to attend Thursday’s Planning Commission meeting and to also write the Mayor of Dallas, urging him not to allow this facility to be built next door to the soccer complex.

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elm fork soccer complex gas refinery

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View this document on Scribd


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