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Be a Man, Mike

April 2, 2013


Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings was “all man” recently has he tried to drum up interest in domestic violence as if it were a new phenomenon in Dallas or any parts of the country. He even planned a manly event recently at Dallas City Hall plaza where he brought local celebrity manly men to tell the large group in attendance that it’s wrong to hit a woman. His political image was suffering and needed a good pumping.

Well, we think that it’s wrong to hit ANYONE of ANY gender for ANY reason, but Mike’s PR person/loyal assistant, Paula Blackmon has been working overtime with efforts to make her client appear more kinder, human, responsive. You know, a manly man.

At the very beginning of his term as Dallas mayor, Mike said that he would be the great protector of families and neighborhoods from the gas industry. Safety was his #1 concern.

No one at the time knew that he had a portfolio stuffed with gas industry stock options. Lately, he stays silent or when he does talk to the media, he say’s,”this deal was cut”. He won’t talk about it anymore in public, he won’t return phone calls, or emails from other politicians about the issue. He wimps out. He ignores them. When citizens groups started winning every fight at City Hall over the gas industry, the game changed. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Dallas City Hall became concerned. So did The Dallas Citizens Council.

The Dallas Citizen’s Council  funded Mike’s campaign for mayor. It currently funds other candidates like current council members Vonciel Hill, Delia Jasso for their attempts to stay in office. This group of Dallas elite, set the agenda for the city, then they go out and recruit people to run for office to further the agenda.Their new protege is  candidate for District 14, Bobby Abtahi who follows strict directions per their agenda. If you don’t fit the bill, you are not supported and every effort to take you down is attempted. It’s the Dallas way.

The DCC gives directions to Mary Suhm at City Hall and she watches to make sure that Mike stays in line. She also watches the other council members who are on the DCC payroll.

If Mike does have an opportunity to be a good leader, then he should disallow unstable comments from City Council members like homophobic Vonciel Hill when she verbally attacked City Council member Angela Hunt, while he sat silent. His boss, City Manager Mary Suhm wouldn’t allow it. The Dallas Citizen’s Council would not allow it. Not after both Angela Hunt and Scott Griggs called her out for working a secret deal with Trinity East Energy. You see, Mike listens to Mary and the DCC.


With an eye on the May 11 elections, Mary Suhm thinks that there will be a better City Council to vote on the gas drilling issue. Since Mary runs the show down at City Hall, Mike has to listen like the whipped husband of a tyrannical wife.

So, when it comes to doing the more simple things, like being manly enough to put this vote on the agenda before the elections on May 11, Mike becomes more of well some might say……limp.

  The Dallas Planning Commission has voted twice to deny any permits for gas drilling in the City of Dallas, it’s up to the City Council to approve that vote, or to override that vote and allow drilling to move forward. It takes a manly man, some may even say “cahones” to stand up to the gas industry, Mary Suhm and to The Dallas Citizen’s Council.

But Mike has not done that. He needs to “man up” before May 11.


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  1. Wes Scott permalink
    April 2, 2013 8:04 pm

    Did you just call the mayor a pussy?

  2. RA King permalink
    April 8, 2013 9:12 am

    A “man” takes care of everyone he leads and everyone who put him in office. That means safety-no drilling in the city limits, and for sure not beside a school, soccer field, and river.

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