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Political Ballz

April 8, 2013

breakingnewsgas vote

In a Monday afternoon surprise, Dallas City Council members Angela Hunt and Scott Griggs have distributed a memo amongst their colleagues that could be game changer in the upcoming elections.  Two forum/debates in for District 1 and 3 will be affected by this afternoons surprise. Questions will be asked to the candidates about this development. Tonight’s debate could be a “come to Jesus moment” for Vonciel Hill if someone should ask about the memo. In recent weeks, Hill has gone into a over the top, irrational religious fervor when pressured to take a stand on controversial issues related to gas drilling.

The memo is asking for other City Council members to sign on to the memo asking for a vote on gas drilling in the City of Dallas within the next 30 days, which would occur before the May 11 elections. If three more members sign on, the Dallas City Charter say that the vote will happen despite any who disagree. But with elections looming, only the brave will sign on, while those who may feel obligated to wait until after the election, will not sign on.

Who will have the political balls to sign on?

Game on.

See the memo below


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  1. Richard Sheridan permalink
    April 9, 2013 3:05 pm

    Mayor Rawlings revealed himself and the deal struck by Mary Suhm when he implied that Trinity East should be given the lease or the City would be sued. Mike Rawlings and the majority of the City Council are liars, BIG supporters of SUHM and servants of Dallas monied elite, servants of the DALLAS CITIZENS COUNCIL per The Observers Jim Schutzes writings on the subject. DALLAS has spent 15 billion on building NEW DOWNTOWN BABYLON DALLAS while virtually ignoring the citys infrastructure and Dallas pitiful human condition. The same mentality that cares little about the ill environmental affects of fracking, could care less about the Tollway in the floodzone degrading the Trinity Park. The minority councilmembers except perhaps Carolyn Davis do not serve their minority constituency but serve Dallas monied elite. VONCIEL HILL is one sick woman. Theres a rumor that although shes a closet lesbian Hill strongly condemns the gays. This would go along with Hills obvious hippocrisy.

  2. Richard Sheridan permalink
    April 9, 2013 3:15 pm

    If Vonciel Hill is defeated it will be a MAJOR victory for the people of Dallas and a major message to Mayor Rawlings and his RAT PACK! Get out and vote for Ms Meyers!

  3. Richard Sheridan permalink
    April 10, 2013 10:06 pm

    I have been a strong advocate for responsible n accountable fracking. I was thrown out of a standing room only Plan Commis Fracking meeting because I yelled out FIRE MARY SUHM! In the Dist 13 race I am more a democrat than Gates and Burk combined. I have been against the Tollway going into the Trinity Park from the beginning. I will get more DEMOCRATIC representation from District 13 FROM HOW I COMMUNICATE than it has ever had in its political history, and Dallas will deal with its human condition, with its racism as never before. I will help bring North and South Dallas together. Lowering Dist 13s taxes will be the initial primary voter motivator, however, voters will start to be motivated by their moral responsibility as the program starts to succeed in serving the least amongst us. THANK YOU REV PETER JOHNSON FOR CHASTISING DWAINE CARAWAY, THE MAYOR, N THE CITY COUNCIL FOR CARAWAYS DISGRACEFUL HOMELESS REMARKS.

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