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The BS Sistas

April 10, 2013


troubleddelia vonciel

Yes, the BS button has been receiving a good work out of late due to the heavy hands of Vonciel Hill and Delia Jasso in their attempts to cover themselves on the Dallas gas drilling issue. Not wanting to get involved with the topic, both candidates for city council have chosen to claim that their lips are sealed by order of the City Attorney.

Both candidates have also refused to join Angela Hunt and Scott Griggs in asking for a vote on gas drilling before the May 11 election for fears that it would eventually sink their already troubled campaigns. Hunt and Griggs passed around a memo to fellow city council members asking for a vote in the next 30 days. No one else at City Hall has signed on giving Dallas residents the impression that the rest of the city council and Mayor are circling the wagons in order to protect their own careers.

On Monday night, the District 3 City Council Forum was held at the African American Museum in Fair Park. The question of gas drilling came before District 3 City Council candidates, Claudia Meyer, Michael Connally, and Vonciel Hill. Vonciel Hill said that “she would not make a comment to the topic because of the litigious circumstances involved with the subject at Dallas City Hall.”

Hill continues her “queen bee'” haughty attitude when answering these type of questions affecting a slow, pronounced way of speaking that sends chills to the listeners ears.

Knowing that no one from Trinity East Energy has publicly or privately stated to any City Council member of any intent to sue The City of Dallas for what ever reason, Hill’s comment was curious and suspicious. Hill apparently knew that she did not do well with the gas drilling question, so after the meeting she did walk up to one of the attendees and tried to engage the person in a conversation. The attendee did ask again about Ms. Hill’s opinion on gas drilling but Hill continues to dodge the question while still parroting the statement that she cannot talk  due to litigious circumstances. The more that the attendee pressed for answers, Hill became prickly and began to start her condescending attitude on the attendee. There are no litigious circumstances. It’s all BS.

At the same time on Monday night, at Tyler Street Methodist Church, District 1 candidate Delia Jasso was also asked about gas drilling. Jasso’s statement was,“We’ve been advised by the city attorney to not say publicly whether we are for or against gas drilling.”  No, they haven’t. Jasso went on and said,“The city is in a pre-litigation format. We can be sued by Trinity East,” she said, referring to the company seeking permits for parkland drilling.  No, they aren’t. No one at City Hall has confirmed that, and no memo exists that supports her claim.

Attendees at the District 1 Forum commented as they left that Jasso’s dodging of that question continued to show her reluctance to exhibit strong leadership and ride the fence on controversial issues. District 1 challenger Scott Griggs won his last election on his defiance of the gas drilling industry’s attempts to bring gas drilling into the City of Dallas.


So we went and asked some insiders at City Hall and all of them said that they are unaware of any type of  edict coming from the Dallas City Attorney’s office. The Dallas City Attorney has not made any public statement or produced any document showing that they would prefer council members remain quiet.

Tuesday night, saw the District 3 Forum at Mountain Creek, where Vonciel Hill continued to repeat the BS line that the City Attorney had asked that all city council members refrain from speaking about the gas drilling issue. City council challenger, Kermit Mitchell continued to point out that Hill’s dependence on money from The Dallas Citizens Council precluded her from being a council person who worked for the people but instead worked for the North Dallas elite.

District 3 challenger Claudia Meyer has deep roots on the gas drilling issue saying that passing a more protective gas drilling ordinance which prohibits surface drilling in park land, and keeps it out of floodplains is a priority.

 Since both Jasso and Hill are receiving financial assistance from The Dallas Citizens Council in North Dallas to fund their troubled campaigns,  both have continued to dodge questions about gas drilling and the Dallas City Hall gas drilling corruption capers that continue to hang on.

The BS Sistas continue on.

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  1. April 10, 2013 8:14 pm

    I do not, nor will I ever, understand why candidates for public office make patently false statements that can so readily be disproven unless they genuinely believe those to whom they are directing their statements are too stupid, lazy or disinterested to know or care that they are being intentionally deceived.

    Both Delia Jasso and Vonciel Hill have cited a directive from City Attorney Tom Perkins telling them that they are not to publicly disclose their favor for or opposition to a vote on the Trinity East SUPs that were denied by the CPC for the second time last month. In fact, no such directive can be substantiated, and it appears that Jasso and Hill are merely trying to avoid answering questions about gas drilling issues so close to the election.

    Coincidentally, both Jasso and Hill are supported and funded by the elitist Dallas Citizens Council that has never favored doing anything that benefits Oak Cliff where both candidates are currently representing citizens.

    It is a disgrace when public officials cannot be open and honest with voters. Why not just come out and say you are for or against drilling in the city? Why do candidates fear being honest and forthright with their constituents?

    Both Jasso (who is running against Scott Griggs in D1) and Hill would do well to remember that Griggs unseated Dave Neumann, the first time a sitting Council member had been defeated in an election, on the very issue of gas drilling in Dallas. If gas drilling was important enough to defeat Neumann two years ago, then it has only grown in importance as much more has been learned over the last two years.

    Riding the fence did not help Dave Neumann, and doing so will not help Jasso or Hill, either!

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