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We Endorse Scott Griggs

April 11, 2013


 Scott Griggs came from out of political nowhere two years ago and won the District 3 place against a sitting city council member who was financed by the powerful Dallas Citizens Council known for backing those who would tote their North Dallas agenda. Scott lost the Dallas Citizens Council endorsement, but he won the District 3 seat because the people could smell an honest candidate.

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Sure enough, the gut instinct paid off and Scott has continued to do great things for not only District 3, but for the City of Dallas as well. From overhauling the Wynnewood Apartment development that was on the road to  HUD hell to identifying the disastrous problems of group homes in the City of Dallas, he has not been afraid to do the right thing. From preserving the Sharrock Farmstead in Southwest Dallas to expanding the City of Dallas bike trails to Fort Worth Avenue.

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A strong supporter of the LGBT community, Scott believes in equality for all citizens in all aspects of life, and never forgets those who may need a helping hand in any section of Dallas. 


When Scott saw that the City of Dallas was on the verge of becoming another Gasland community due to the deceitful practices of the gas industry, deceitful Dallas politics, and City Hall hidden agendas, he was not afraid to call those out who were about to ‘cut the deal’. To date, no gas drilling has occurred in the City of Dallas while Scott has been in office. He promises to continue to fight the gas industry and will continue to ask for complete transparency in all aspects of Dallas City Hall dealings.


Finally, you gotta love a guy who believes in enough water for everyone, bicycles, clean air, organic food, kindness to animals, open government and doesn’t mind giving out his cell phone number to any Dallas audience in case they need his assistance. Scott has become the first successful 21st century politician in Dallas who has practiced what he preaches and has visions for a greater Dallas in the 21st century.

Because of that, we proudly endorse Scott Griggs for Dallas City Council, District 1.


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