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Dallas News Endorses Troubled Candidate

April 12, 2013


Editorial: Dallas council doesn’t want to be bothered with drilling details

Vonciel Hill: City Council Member, Prophet, Theologian and Sell-Out

Editorial: Six Dallas council members out of order on new rules

Cronies on the Bench

Transportation Committee Minorities Favor Concession Monopoly at Love Field; Booting Ordinance Briefing Delayed

Crow Family, Anti-Hotel Reps Contribute More Than $10,000 to Vonciel Hill’s Campaign

Dallas City Councilwoman Vonciel Hill refuses to sign gay Pride letter

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  1. R A King permalink
    April 14, 2013 10:59 am

    In most organizations, there is a group that follows the leaders (the mayor, city manager. etc), and the group works together to get the agenda accomplished; and these folks generally have good job security and acceptance with the powers-that-be. I think that’s true on the city council-except what’s on the agenda is SELLING OUT our food plain/river ecosystem.
    We need smart, aware, brave council members who can sound the wake-up call ALARM here.

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