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Vonciel Hill Turns Back on Dallas LGBT Community….AGAIN

April 15, 2013


On Sunday, the Dallas Gay and Lesbian Alliance sponsored a “Meet The Candidate” political forum at The Vixen Lounge located within Sue Ellen’s bar.  Candidates Scott Griggs, Delia Jasso, Adam Medrano,Herschel Weisfeld, Claudia Meyer, Bobby Abtahi, Philip Kingston, and Jim Rogers were in attendance. Noticeably absent were Leland Burke, Jennifer Staubach Gates, and Vonciel Hill. When told, people at the event were stunned to learn that the Dallas Citizens Council backs a religious nut, and a homophobic candidate for city council.

Hill continues to turn her back on the Dallas LGBT community as she has for the past six years by refusing to ride in the annual Gay Pride Parade while her fellow council members are prominently featured participants. Hill uses religious beliefs for not wanting to be too close to the LGBT community or wanting to support any of their causes. She is currently in the race to grab the District 3 City Council seat that was created when Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings redrew the district to benefit Hill so that she finish one more term before being required to vacate the seat.

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In August 2012, Hill even went as far as to refuse to sign the Dallas City Hall letter celebrating Gay Pride in Dallas. She was quoted as saying, “I won’t be participating [this year], and based on my present beliefs, I won’t be participating in the future,”“There’s no reason I should be castigated for that.” See the letter below.

View this document on Scribd

Hill’s challenger Claudia Meyer who was recently endorsed by the Dallas Stonewall Democrats was at the forum. Meyer pointed out the diverse population in the district and in each of its neighborhoods and expressed her desire to “represent the entire community.” When asked why the LGBT community in Dallas should support her election, Claudia reminded them that, “her election would remove an opponent of the community from City Council and give them another ally on the Council.” The Dallas Gay and Lesbian Alliance is expected to announce their endorsements by the end of this week

Many remember Hill’s religious rants at City Council recently, when members of the council were grilling City Manager Mary Suhm on her secret side deals with Trinity East Energy whose documents were revealed to the public by council members Scott Griggs and Angela Hunt. As the council members made their comments of support to Suhm, Vonciel Hill launched into her favorite Bible quotes and comparing the city manager Suhm to Jesus Christ.The Dallas Observer did a great accounting of Hill’s unstable behavior. Read about it HERE.

miss suhm

Dallas resident Phyllis Guest was enraged about Hill’s unstable behavior that she wrote Hill an email, and Hill responded. See below:email2

Last week, city council members Scott Griggs and Delia Jasso who are campaigning for District 1 co sponsored a pro LGBT resolution. The document would state the council’s support of marriage equality and a statewide ban on anti-LGBT job discrimination. 5 city council members have signed on to put the resolution on an upcoming agenda. Those who signed on were Angela Hunt, Pauline Medrano, Delia Jasso, Monica Alonzo. Jerry Allen and Dwaine Caraway have stated that they support the resolution, but have yet to sign on. Griggs has said that while 5 signatures will get it on the agenda, he would like to have a total of 8 signatures.

Read more about that HERE.

The Dallas News sent shock waves throughout the LGBT community with it’s endorsement of Vonciel Hill last week. Read their shocking endorsement HERE.


District 3 resident and Kiestwood neighborhood President, Raymond Crawford told us that he was “stunned to read about the Dallas News endorsement, given Hill’s erratic public behavior and statements, bringing religion into city council proceedings, but most of all her refusal to support the LGBT community in Dallas.” “I always thought that the City of Dallas wanted to be more progressive city on LGBT issues. Refusing to acknowledge that LGBT residents in Dallas have a voice and equal rights like everyone else, reminds me of zealous, conservative 20th Century thinking that has no place in today’s world.”

The next public forum for District 3 city council candidates is Tuesday, April 16th at Oak Cliff Presbyterian Church, 6000 South Hampton @ Hwy 67 at 7 pm. Both Claudia Meyer and Vonciel Hill have stated that they will be in attendance. Many LGBT Dallas residents have stated that they plan on attending the event in order to see if  Vonciel Hill  is still exhibits the homophobic/religious nut behavior of which she has become famous.


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