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Delia-ed and Confused

April 17, 2013

confused can

when was


Just left an editorial board meeting on the District 1 council seat — Delia Jasso vs. Scott Griggs, a head-to-head match up of two council incumbents brought about by redistricting.

Shock Number 1: Jasso tells the board that she has joined Angela Hunt and Scott Griggs, who have asked that the full city council hold an up/down vote on Trinity East gas drilling permits. It was a bit of a surprise since Jasso responded this way to a question about  gas drilling in the DMN Voter Guide:

 I am most concerned with safety for all the citizens of Dallas as gas drilling relates to clean air and clean water. At this time, I would not like to comment on being for or against allowing gas drilling as there may be future legal issues involved with this issue.

Shock Number 2:  So in the editorial board meeting, Jasso goes on to say that she even signed the same memo that  Hunt and Griggs, which came as a surprise to Griggs, who was sitting in the editorial board meeting right next to her. Again, she insisted that she had signed the memo.

Shock Number 3:  So where’s the memo with Jasso’s signature? She didn’t have a copy with her, but it should be at the city secretary’s office, right?  So I checked and here’s what I got back from  city hall. Pay attention to the scribbled notation in the lower  right of the document. The signature is from the city secretary saying that she doesn’t have a  drilling vote memo with Jasso’s signature on it.

Shock Number 3: That a council member would,  shall we say,  beeeeeeeeeeeeeeend  the truth. So how does she respond? Enter Shock 4

Shock Number 4: So Jasso calls back later to say that  upon double checking she didn’t sign the Trinity East vote memo that Griggs distributed. She said she actually signed the Marriage Equality memo  that Griggs distributed the same day.

I know gas drilling, marriage equality. People  get this stuff confused all the time. Especially marriage equality on parkland. Or in a floodplain.

Shock Number 5: So is she for or against gas drilling? She’s against gas drilling in urban environments. So does that mean she would vote against issuing permits to Trinity East?                  Well, she would not commit to that. Instead she cited  the city’s development code which she said prevented her from signing the memo, noting that she hoped all sides could work something out as an alternative to a council vote.


At this point, my head was spinning.  The obvious question is what made you think you signed something that you later say you couldn’t sign based on the city attorney’s advice and interpretation of the development code?

I’ve got a lot of questions, but voters in District  1 should have even more.

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  1. April 17, 2013 12:25 pm

    Hey, I strongly support a prohibition on gay marriage in parks and floodplains. The risk to human health and safety is just too much to chance.

    Nobody ridicules the ridiculous ideologies like Lewis Black.

  2. Dawn permalink
    April 18, 2013 10:11 am

    Marc thanks so much for this mornings chuckle!

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