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Gas Well Leak Contaminates Denton, Texas

April 22, 2013


gas well





A gas pipeline separated from a well last Friday morning, throwing contaminated fracking water and natural gas into the air at a rural area in south Denton.


Although City spokeswoman Lindsay Baker said there was no safety concern,  four homes had to be evacuated “for cautionary purposes only.” 


The well is located in the 600 block of Jim Christal Road near the intersection of Mosch Branch. The street was shut down while the operator, Eagle Ridge, worked to cap the well. It was capped at about 4 p.m.

No one knows how much contamination was thrown over the land and the nearby residents, and we do not expect that the State will do any formal testing for it. Short term effects of contamination are well known, but long term health effects have never been studied so it may be years before the residents see any health issues from the incident.

Prayers are being requested for these people and the land that was contaminated.



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