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This “Deal” is CRAP

April 22, 2013

cypresswatersmapthe city of dallas along

In an unprecedented move, Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings has apparently been true to his word when he referenced future gas drilling in Dallas by saying that “this deal was cut.” The Mayor along with his boss City Manager Mary Suhm have placed Item #34  on the Wednesday schedule regarding the very famous Lucy Crow Billingsley’s multi use development named Cypress Waters. The property which the City of Dallas acquired featuring North Lake sits between the cities of Irving and Coppell. The future development will feature 10,000 dwelling units, business, and scattered throughout the development, residents and business with sit along side with …….gas drilling sites. Remember, we told you about this two years ago.

Not long ago, Chief Energy was waiting on a permit to drill at the site, but recently pulled the permit due to the bad publicity that the gas industry was receiving in Dallas caused by concerned citizens asking too many questions at Dallas City Hall.

In short, the agenda item tells the voting City Council member that the City of Dallas is going to partner with Billingsley in this MMD development.

The agreement says that you can build your development BUT, the City of Dallas will retain the mineral rights on the property and will also retain the right to drill when ever and where ever they want to drill in the future.CWMMD

To add even more salt to this civic wound, if any business that wants to be a part of the development and would like to apply for a grant to help create that business, it seems that some businesses are not permitted, or appropriate for this development.They are non profits, schools, day care, liquor stores, gun shops and more. Lumping day care and schools in with gun shops is one crazy mix for a business that you  don’t want,but to allow gas drilling next door to your apartment or business is beyond belief. That this development is being planned under a Dallas gas ordinance that is currently in limbo shows little regard for the safety and health of anyone who chooses to live or work there.


 Leaking gas well in Denton on Friday, April 19, 2013. The contaminants flowed from morning until 4 pm

The agreement states that ‘CWMMD may decide on a case-by-case basis to exclude other business activities that do not benefit the health, safety, and welfare of the community or that do not meet the objectives of this Grant Program.



Mike Rawlings continues to block efforts to allow a vote on the Trinity East Energy as has been requested by council members Scott Griggs and Angela Hunt. After the creation of the Dallas Gas Drilling Task Force completed 22 meetings over much of 2012, the mayor has stalled all efforts to create a new gas ordinance. With a portfolio stuffed with gas stocks, and with friends like the Crows, Billingsleys and more, he must feel that he owes more loyalty to the Preston Hollow crowd as opposed to the rest of Dallas. Essentially, the mayor has turned his back on the residents of Dallas.

the mayor has turned

He has chosen to put this deal forward instead of honoring the good Democratic process of finding solutions to the many gas drilling questions. Dallas residents are urged to attend the city council meeting on Wednesday, and when the Agenda item #34 comes up for discussion, stand up and turn their backs to the mayor and the council. As far as we are concerned, this deal is crap.


this deal

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  1. R King permalink
    April 22, 2013 2:25 pm

    Follow the trail of donations and promises and you will see how we got where we are, Citizens are and should be insulted.

  2. April 22, 2013 2:54 pm

    The mayor does not care. The deal was cut, so he says by his actions…”get over it.”

  3. April 22, 2013 4:17 pm

    Among those businesses excluded from the grants program of the Cypress Waters Municipal Management District (CWMMD) are sexually-oriented businesses, bars, and the aforementioned schools, daycare facilities, non-profit organizations, non-bank financial retail institutions, check cashing operations, liquor stores, gun stores, pawn shops and convenience stores, being cited as “… activities that do not benefit the health, safety, and welfare of the community …”

    I would venture to say that natural gas exploration and production poses a far greater risk to health and safety, property values, the environment and the general welfare of the community than all the other listed businesses combined. Apparently, our Mayor, City Manager and most members of our City Council would disagree with me. They believe gas drilling is going to make Dallas flush with cash, turn citizens into the next Jed Clampetts and make Dallas the envy of the whole wide world.

    If you believe, as I do, that gas drilling has no plae among residential, commercial and retail space in the City of Dallas, then take part in Wednesday’s City Council meeting and let your voice be heard. Sign up (by calling the City Secretary’s Office at 214-670-3738) to speak during the open mic period at the opening or closing of the meeting, and be present when Item 34 on the agenda is heard.

    Whatever are our city leaders thinking? That is a rhetorical question – they obviously are NOT thinking, or at least they are not thinking about the health and safety of our citizens! So, what’s new?

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